You take where it started stormy

The hike

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~ 1 hour later

After an hour we had decided that we would go another 2 hours today.
In order to be able to solve the first riddle, we had considered whether there might be reflections from the sun, through broken pieces of vases. could be in the ground, or a little more light in the water, or an object.
After all, the hint came from God des Water, but since he is also the god of earth is that doesn't get us much further either.
We only know that there is probably nothing floating in the air, but this information does not help us much, because we do not even know that for sure.
Well, now I've dreamed enough, now I should take care of the search for the surroundings of monsters and the mysterious light again.

"Hello Perseus, I'm sorry that I treated you like that earlier, but I always find it difficult to deal with new people, because I would betray times very bitterly." Freya apologized to me.

I answered :

"It's okay, I've had to see friends of mine betray me and work for the enemy.
Partly of free will and partly by force, I can understand that you have certain trust problems.
Let's just start over. "

"Okay.", She said.

So I began to speak exaggeratedly politely:

"Hello, lady, my name is Perseus Achilles Jackson, but just call me Percy and who am I doing this with?"
Pleasure? "

She replied with the same exaggerated politeness:

"Good afternoon, Lord Percy Jackson, I am the Lady Freya Kitsikudis and the pleasure is mine."

In addition, she curtsied and looked at me with the same gaze as the rich children.
Since I did the same thing and now also gave her a kiss on the hand, it was too much of a good thing and we both fell into roaring laughter while the others just stared at us puzzled, which made us laugh even more, so that it became a real laughing spasm.

"Okay guys, are you feeling better again?" Bruce asked us when we got back on our feet.

"Yes.", We said in sync, which made us laugh again.

When this also died we went on until it slowly began to get dark.

"Okay, everyone, I would suggest that we take a rest here and then go on tomorrow, otherwise some of us will fall over dead." While I spoke I gave Tony and a few others an amused look.

The others nodded and agreed and I divided everyone:

,, Well, well, I would say Natascha, Lio, Clinton and Bruce are looking for wood for a campfire, Steve and Tony are looking for a place to sleep that is best somewhere at the beginning of the forest with a bit of moss, Natascha, Helena and Freya, You split up on one looking for blankets and food out of your pockets and arranging everything with Steve and Tony, while the other two are looking for two animals and slaughtering them and looking for berries and Perseus and I create water to drink for the next few days and then help to look for wood for the campfire.
Do you all agree? "

"Okay.", Everyone said and nodded.

I nodded and everyone began to fulfill their tasks, including Perseus and me.
First I formed a vase, where I then began to fill in the water from the air.

,, WOW! How do you do that, we can't get it without water, we have to get it from somewhere? "Perseus asked me while he looked at my vase in amazement.

"So yes, but I do that too, since there is water in the air." I explained to Perseus.

"Oh yes.", He said and tried it, which also succeeded on the third attempt, it was pretty little, but better than nothing, which is why I praised him and he continued to practice.

We also come across Steve, Helena and Tony, the perfect job with a lot of moss. had found.

"Great job!" I praised her.

"Do you need help or should we help the others?" Asked Perseus.

"Well, I think one should go look for wood and another should help us with the water," said Steve.

Now I asked Perseus:

"Okay, then I'll go look for wood and you will help, okay?"

He answered :

"Good and when you see the others tell them where we are."

I nodded and went on my way.

~ about 20 minutes later

Uff, made.
Natascha, Lio, Bruce and I had collected all the wood that was on the floor from the area and brought it to the others.
Now we sat down with the others and began to eat.

"Very tasty, the deer was excellent!" Said Perseus, to which the rest of us said yes.

"Thank you.", Natascha, Freya and Helena thanked them.

After we had just sat around for a while and started in the campfire 🔥, we decided to go to sleep and that the 11 of us would keep about 1 hour monster watch each time and inform the others immediately in case of danger, Tony began.

So we all went to sleep, manoman I really didn't think that walking could get you so tired, but apparently I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the moss and I closed my eyes, but in the middle of the night I woke up from a very familiar voice that shouted:



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