How to Hack Gmail Password on Mac

Hack password - quick and easy! *

IMPORTANT! Only theoretical knowledge is imparted here, no hackers are trained here! Therefore, please only use this knowledge for protection and do not hack other people's e-mail accounts!

How do I get the email password?

Brief instructions for hacking email accounts (also works with WEB.DE, GMX, Freenet, Yahoo, msn, live, hotmail and various other freemailers). The secret * to get someone else's password is to outsmart the relevant server. If you have forgotten your password, you can have it sent to you again (this may have happened to you before). Now you just have to tell the EMAIL server that it will not send the password to the email address given by the owner, but to YOUR! Great!

Roger that? Okay, then we're ready to go:

Step 1:

Write an email to: [email protected]

Step 2:

Use “PASS-RECOVERY” as the subject (without the quotes, of course!). This tells the email server that it is a password request! This is also particularly important, so do not skip this step!

Step 3:

The content of the email (please copy it exactly like this!)
In the first line: Here comes the email address of the user from whom you want the password, for example [email protected]
In the second line: There is no content here (please don't forget either!)
In the third line: This is where YOUR own email address and password come in.
It must / should look like this: Your [email protected]: Password **

So please put a colon between your email address and your password! Very important! So we suggest to the server where to send the new password!
In other words:

The server now checks your data, recognizes that it is correct, and sends you the password of the desired address to your own address! This is how you get into every person's email address! If you make a mistake, it doesn't matter, in the worst case you will only get your own password sent again instead of that of the other.

IMPORTANT: If your email is rejected, try again with a different email address, apparently not all mail domains are accepted by GMX.

Here is another example of what an email could look like:

TO: [email protected]
Subject: PASS-RECOVERY (please with "Y")

The email address to be hacked (example): [email protected]

Your email address with password (example):
[email protected]: Password **

This is how it works! So have a lot of fun and don't do it too hard, otherwise the hacked person will notice in the end! Have fun again!

*) ... is not a secret! Everyone should know by themselves what they are doing and an old saying goes: if you dig a pit for others, you usually fall into it yourself!

**) of course you shouldn't use the string "Password" as a password, but a real password!