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What is a USB dongle? - Simply explained for laypeople

USB dongle is not exactly a name under which you can imagine a lot. The technology of the dongle is almost as old as the PC and has been used in a variety of ways. Many PC users even have such a USB dongle at home and use it - without really knowing what piece of technology it is.

USB dongles protect programs from being copied

  • Over the years, the meaning of the dongle has changed several times, making it difficult to clearly assign it.
  • In the early days of the PC, long before the first USB interfaces, the dongle was a possible copy protection measure to protect your own software from unauthorized copies.
  • For this purpose, a special plug (the so-called dongle) was placed in an interface of the PC, which was queried by the software and answered with an authentication code. In this way, the software developers were able to ensure that only the owner of the dongle can actually start the program.
  • Since such a device is hardware, the copying effort is comparatively high, because the copier has to copy or at least emulate both the hardware and the program logic hidden in the hardware.
  • At the beginning it was mainly the serial interface in which such a connector had to be placed. Nowadays, however, the widespread use of this interface has made USB dongles the standard.

USB dongles - colloquially, the meaning is different today

  • Nowadays, USB dongles in everyday language are no longer restricted to use as a copy protection measure. Instead, it is now the case that every plug that remains permanently in a USB interface is called a dongle. Especially in English-speaking countries, there is hardly any difference between dongle and copy protection plug.
  • Areas of application for this variant of the dongle are, for example, Bluetooth adapters, WLAN sticks or receivers for wireless mice. But USB sticks for storing files can also be referred to as USB dongle, as the definition can also be applied to this group of USB devices.

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