How to be a christian emo wikihow

Make every outfit look emo

Always wear band t-shirts.Band t-shirts should be the number one item in your wardrobe. You should have more of these than anything else. Being emo is about the music and supporting the bands you like. Tour t-shirts bought at a concert are best, but t-shirts bought in-store or online are good too. They should be as tight as possible (but still fit), and girls can tie a knot at the bottom to make them shorter or cut a section out of the back piece to show a bit of skin if they want.
  • Some classic emo bands whose t-shirts would be a cool addition to your wardrobe and will give you the emo style (if you actually hear the music) are: The Promise Ring, The Get Up Kids, Sunny Day Real Estate, Texas is the Reason , Rites of Spring, Braid, Alkaline Trio, Thursday and Cursive.