Glasses and eyes when they're high on meth

Crystal Meth: This is what makes the drug out of the addict

The domestic political spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, Michael Hartmann, has resigned because of drug allegations. According to information from the "Bild" newspaper, it is said to be about the fashion drug crystal meth. The drug has been on the rise in Germany for years. It is quickly addictive and leads to serious damage to health.

Crystal or meth is the scene name for crystalline methamphetamine. The artificially produced drug is sold as a white or colored crystalline powder, sometimes as tablets or capsules. It is made from the active ingredient ephedrine, which is also found in asthma, cough and flu medications.

The drug stimulates the sympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system. It stimulates the body and leads to an increase in performance. Hunger, sleep and the sensation of pain are suppressed. Euphoria, extreme nervousness, increased self-esteem and an increased willingness to take risks are also typical.

Crystal meth is quickly addicting

Crystal is highly toxic to nerve cells. In addition, taking it brings with it a very high risk of addiction. Many report becoming addicted right after taking it for the first time. Crystal meth, also known as yaba or ice, is sniffed or smoked by many addicts. But it can also be dissolved in water and injected or inserted rectally.

Long-term consumption in particular can lead to nerve damage, memory and concentration problems, severe tooth decay, heart problems, skin inflammation, brain damage and psychosis. Often times, the addict's appearance changes dramatically as a result of consumption. But even the immediate effect after the intoxication is tricky. The high is followed by an unstable mood, the addicts become aggressive and hectic. Withdrawal, on the other hand, often leads to depression and psychosis.

Meth changes the look massively

It is not exactly known how many people in Germany take crystal. In most cases, the use of the drug goes unnoticed at the beginning. If the drug is taken regularly, however, the appearance of those affected changes quickly. The skin appears red and irritated, the teeth discolor or fall out. Crystal meth addicts also lose their feeling of hunger and go without food for a long time. This leads to weight loss, which is often clearly noticeable on the face.

According to a study commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Health, many people even take Crystal on the job. Half of the consumers surveyed gave the job as a motive in addition to the "pleasant effect". A third named school and university as the reason, others consume crystal at parties, during sex or use the drug as a mood-enhancer.

More and more "ice" cases

In Germany, the security authorities are discovering more and more crystal. In 2013, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), a total of around 77 kilograms of the drug were confiscated. In 2009 it was only 7.2 kilos of crystal. In 2013, a total of 2,746 drug users became suspicious of crystal for the first time, seven percent more than in the previous year. Cases are also increasing at drug counseling centers.

Drug comes to Germany from the Czech Republic

Crystal meth is mainly produced in illegal drug laboratories in the Czech Republic and then smuggled into Germany. In the beginning these were only small quantities, now they are in the kilo range. According to the BKA, crystal is cheap and easy to get from so-called Asian markets in the Czech border area.

The drug is a major problem, especially in neighboring Saxony and Bavaria. In Saxony, according to the State Criminal Police Office (LKA), the drug first appeared more and more in the Ore Mountains region at the end of 1998, but it is now spreading throughout Germany, especially in the big cities.

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