Who is Frank Sansivieri

Frank the Traveler - The Life of a Telegram Admin

Note: Through a tweet from Lars Wienand of T-Online yesterday evening, we learned of extensive research by T-Online and ARD on the person "Frank the Traveler", meanwhile Lars Wienand from T-Online has a very, very good, readable one and published a comprehensive article in which Frank also has a say and further background is discussed.
Duplicity of events. Well, that's the way it is sometimes. We have therefore decided to publish our research as an original article as planned, see it as a supplement to the T-Online article. Both articles together give a fairly comprehensive picture.

Frank the Traveler: The name is familiar to many. Anyone who deals extensively with lateral thinking, with DDay 2.0 and with the bus travel community HonkForHope, will almost inevitably come across this name. It pops up and down, is actually present everywhere on Telegram. Yet nobody really knows him. A phantom?

No more.

Why are we interested in Frank? Not so much because he would have attracted attention through inflammatory speeches - there are pictures of him on demos, on the stage, like last October in Weiden, and a video (from 2:47:20) - but because he was in a great many relevant Telegram groups is not a simple participant, but an admin.

Do you still remember Kai Endere's Telegram network for Attila and his Hildonümus? Forget it. The silent Frank seems to live almost exclusively for and with Telegram. HonkForHope groups, lateral thinking groups, DDAY 2.0 groups, Frank is everywhere. There are also over 300 posts from Frank in Xavier Naidoo's channel and the associated chat, although he is not listed as a member there. If he is not personally a member, then at least with his bot network and the Alexis bot to ward off "antifanten", a bot network that is very similar to that of Kai Enderes.

Sure, that kind of guy interests us. And we will come back to this network in time.

Many do not know how little information is required so that a multi-person research team can find out everything about a person in the shortest possible time. For Frank, first name, date of birth and place of birth were sufficient.

There is a résumé of Frank on the HonkForHope website. There he is listed as “Frank the Traveler”. Born in Leipzig on July 30th, 1983, Frank is 37 years old today. He is tech-savvy, which suits him a little in his “job” today. That's why he opened a computer shop after completing his training.


You can find a computer store if you google for Frank, the date and place of birth. Exciting, the internet, isn't it?

Is the picture already a confirmation. No, not for us. We cannot confirm for sure that this Frank is actually Frank the Traveler. And we have some pictures.

And we have his ... his ... "Druidic ID".

Some of us thought it fit, others were unsure, so keep looking. The curriculum vitae, as brief as it was, gave us a few more clues to follow his life for a while. We know that Frank gave up his self-employment because his family bought a mill. It says so in the résumé.

Let's travel a little through time:

Zeitzgrund, 2012: How many years did it take to build the building with outbuildings and to put the mill into operation? And how many years will it take before guest rooms and life can find their way back here?

Steffi and Frank, mother and son, will probably have asked this question several times when they decided to buy the old post mill from 1351 in 2012. A newspaper report with a picture fits well with Frank's data.

Very good. So good that we're looking for more.

2013 Frank grills sausage.

2014 Frank finds dead trout in the stream near the mill.

And Frank not long ago.

Nice to finally have a name for the face. Because these image comparisons are enough.

Frank Schreibmüller is Frank the Traveler

What happened to the nice sausage griller, who worried about the trout and wanted to run a mill as a small guesthouse with his mother, what happened to the personable computer tinkerer, on whose 30th birthday country music was played?

What we know: Steffi and Frank turned the mill into a hiking restaurant for day trippers - suitable in a landscape conservation area - and an "international room rental". The name Bockmühle is based on the name of the first miller there, Bock. There was a Bockoasis at the mill, Steffi and Frank were “in the mood for guests”, they sat together around the “Bockfire”….

We don't know what, but something must have happened in 2018/2019, because in the course of the year Frank and Steffi are still in good spirits, are building on the mill and planning for the future.

Together with "Neu-Müller" Frank, her son, she wants to give the Bockmühle a new face.

During the renovation of a building, they found a cavity full of water, a “beautiful vault”, filled with water up to the ceiling. They hoped to find the long-missing mill wheel in there. Steffi told a reporter for the Ostthüringer Zeitung:

Life as a mill operator gives me a lot of freedom and independence and just the feeling of being in the right place. I have found this place and I am and will stay here.

That was in August 2018 released.

In August 2019 reported the OTZ that the Bockmühle should be foreclosed.

In October 2019, the date for the foreclosure auction on November 12, 2019 was set.

At that time, no one had any contact with the owner. The phone numbers were switched off, inquiries from OTZ and from interested parties were not answered, even the bank that had arranged the foreclosure auction of the property with a business value of 73,000 euros had no contact with the owner.

But the courts could have conveyed this:

Did that make him Frank the Traveler?

Whatever happened in those months between August 2018 and August 2019: It was neither that nor the pandemic that made Frank a conspiracy ideologist.

2018 - the year of upheaval

So it was a computer booth until 2017, and then suddenly in 2017 it was White Tiger. Then in 2018 the complete upheaval: Frank becomes a QAnon propagandist (Qlobal Change), apparently holding himself in this channel for part of Anonymous (uh ... nö), because his website ambestensofort.de changed a bit in 2017 according to archive.org, Then in 2018 drastically and still lists alleged anonymous content.

In 2020, Frank appeared for the first time as Frank the Traveler. And we know what comes out of it.

The title of the website is now "German Patriots", but Frank used to swear earlier. Much earlier. As Frank Bauer. And for that we make a little journey through time.

Let's do the time warp again

Not until 2014, when the earliest find was found.

The first post on his channel, May 12th and 13th, 2014: two videos from KenFM.

At this point in time, Steffi Schreibmüller was still holding readings. Mama Steffi shares the contribution of her junior Frank “Bauer”.

Frank was on his way to the spiral of oaths. Time warp after 2016. 4 days in the traveler's life.

On May 11, 2016, he shared a post from Robert Reichenberger's "Peoples of the World Rise" above Rothschild.

On May 12th, he shared a heart of LoveStormPeople, a right-wing group “between Campact and Compact” (Telepolis), who were already seen in 2016 together with new rights at Bilderberger demos.

On May 13, 2016, he agreed to a lady who explained in his Telegram that the Federal Republic was not a sovereign state.

On May 14th again “The peoples of the world rise up”, a group contribution from Nancy something.

There used to be ONE LANGUAGE ... AND IT WAS GERMAN !!!!

Do you know?

Do you want to hear him too? There are some video messages from the TG channel video activists from 2019.

"Heil und Blessing"?

Long years of unstoppable oath. It is no wonder that Frank Schreibmüller believes he is in "peaceful resistance". Indoctrinated for years, he continues on his inevitable path at the beginning of the pandemic. He tinkers with Alexis, “his” bot (Frank did not program it, but converted it for his own purposes), he sets up Telegram channels, he administrates channels, chats and groups - and he ensures that unpopular critics, not the Oath spirals have expired, are kicked out of the groups.

Frank the Traveler

2014, 2016, 2018, 2019, present - we promised we would come back to Telegram.

HonkforHope, lateral thinking, DDAY 2.0, Xavier Naidoo, Heiko Schrang, KlagemauerTV, Ignaz Bearth - Frank the traveler Schreibmüller praises himself and his work. Telegram is far more than its hobbyhorse. He sets up bots, is an admin in many groups, runs some himself. Here is a small overview of the chats and groups on TG that we could assign to Frank.


The Honks have international dreams.

Lateral thinking

DDAY2.0 (Many groups are not public, you would have to join them)

  • https://t.me/dday2_0
  • https://t.me/d_day2_0doku
  • https://t.me/BWdday
  • https://t.me/dd2_bay
  • https://t.me/D_Day2M_V
  • https://t.me/NiedersachsenDDay2
  • https://t.me/DDay20_Hamburg_PLZ_Vertteilung
  • https://t.me/dday2_710WN
  • https://t.me/dday20plz4
  • https://t.me/dday2_740HN
  • https://t.me/dday2_77562OG
  • https://t.me/dday2_76437RA
  • https://t.me/dday2_73430AA_73525GD

As I said, in these groups ^^ Frank Schreibmüller is either an admin or his bots.

We were able to assign the following own profiles and bots to him:

User accounts in TG

  • @ Frank_Thueringen_36_Admin
  • @other Projects
  • @ moreProjects2
  • @ moreProjects3
  • @ more projects4
  • @ onelove2002
  • @Frank is not betrayed


  • @TelegrDeutschlandBot
  • @TelegrFoerderationKontaktBot
  • @Terminverteiler_Bot
  • @Mrs_Alexis_Bot
  • @globalPeacebot
  • @translate_think_qlty_bot
  • @translate_think_Alexis_bot
  • @cross-thinking_bot

And the following channels and groups are associated with him

  • https://t.me/Frank_der_Reisende
  • https://t.me/PatrioticAdmins
  • https://t.me/PatriotenChat
  • https://t.me/PatrioticProjects
  • https://t.me/PatrioticSingles
  • https://t.me/PatrioticMusik
  • https://t.me/Stammtische
  • https://t.me/Veranstaltungen
  • https://t.me/AlexisInfos
  • https://t.me/Alexis_Support
  • https://t.me/DasVerverzeichnis_gruppenkanaele
  • https://t.me/GruppenKanaele
  • https://t.me/GruppenKanaeleAnleitung
  • https://t.me/GruppenKanaeleUebersicht
  • https://t.me/Kanaele200Plus
  • https://t.me/Gruppen200Plus
  • https://t.me/ Keyword search
  • https://t.me/KlagemauerTV
  • https://t.me/KlagemauerWand
  • https://t.me/SchrangTV
  • https://t.me/HeikoSchrangTV
  • https://t.me/SchrangTVtalk
  • https://t.me/SchrangTVspirit
  • https://t.me/Videoaktivisten
  • https://t.me/LinksVideoFotosNachrichten
  • https://t.me/Aktivistinnen
  • https://t.me/Meinungs FreiheitGarantiert
  • https://t.me/DemokratieInWuerde
  • https://t.me/Non-payer
  • https://t.me/WiderstandAktiv
  • https://t.me/KeltischDruidisch/
  • https://t.me/globalpeacemantra
  • https://t.me/honkforhopeofficially
  • https://t.me/honkforhope_allianz
  • https://t.me/wirmachenauf_Dokumentation
  • https://t.me/gesperrBRD
  • https://t.me/Medienzensur
  • https://t.me/Bananen RepublikBRD
  • https://t.me/AlternativeMedien
  • https://t.me/Grundgesetz
  • https://t.me/Gerichtsbarkeit
  • https://t.me/Prozessbeobachter
  • https://t.me/maskeradefrei
  • https://t.me/Maskenverbot
  • https://t.me/Demotermine
  • https://t.me/DemotermineChat
  • https://t.me/LivestreamsFuerDich
  • https://t.me/DeutschlandInfoChat
  • https://t.me/SchweizChat
  • https://t.me/OesterreichChat
  • https://t.me/LiechtensteinInfoChat
  • https://t.me/BerlinInfoChat
  • https://t.me/WahlenBRD
  • https://t.me/PetionenAktuell
  • https://t.me/PpolitikChatLinksMitteRechts
  • https://t.me/BadenWuertembergInfoChat
  • https://t.me/SachsenInfoChat
  • https://t.me/SaarlandInfoChat
  • https://t.me/ThueringenInfoChat
  • https://t.me/BayernInfoChat
  • https://t.me/NordrheinWestfalenInfoChat
  • https://t.me/MecklenburgVorpommernInfoChat
  • https://t.me/BrandenburgInfoChat
  • https://t.me/NiedersachsenInfoChat
  • https://t.me/HamburgInfoChat
  • https://t.me/SchleswigHolsteinInfoChat
  • https://t.me/RheinlandPfalzInfoChat
  • https://t.me/SchasenAnhaltInfoChat
  • https://t.me/DeutschlandGehtSpazieren
  • https://t.me/ansteckend
  • https://t.me/Bevoelkerungsreduktion
  • https://t.me/Fahrgemeinschaft
  • https://t.me/auswandern
  • https://t.me/AktionKinderschuhe
  • https://t.me/studio_klartext
  • https://t.me/Beitragsservice
  • https://t.me/blaupausetv_chat
  • https://t.me/blaupausetv
  • https://t.me/heilerschule
  • https://t.me/deinspirituelleswissen
  • https://t.me/earnetic_chatgruppe
  • https://t.me/earnetic
  • https://t.me/misterwater_chat
  • https://t.me/misterwater
  • https://t.me/Kolzov_Austauschgruppe
  • https://t.me/friedenstrommler
  • https://t.me/Friedenstrommler_Berlin
  • https://t.me/FriedenstrommlerKoeln
  • https://t.me/FriedenstrommlerBodensee
  • https://t.me/Friedensmarsch
  • https://t.me/FreieEnergie
  • https://t.me/Potential_Telegram
  • https://t.me/Potentiale_Regionen
  • https://t.me/NaturNahrungMedizin
  • https://t.me/Spenden_De (the chat behind it doesn't have its own address)
  • https://t.me/ignazbearth
  • https://t.me/ChatIgnazBearth
  • https://t.me/HaverbeckHeldin
  • https://t.me/Unterkuenfte
  • https://t.me/Meldegruppe
  • https://t.me/ Mitfahrgelektiven
  • https://t.me/GruppeKindermund
  • https://t.me/AktionKindermund

The latter groups in particular, “Aktion Kindermund”, hit the headlines this April, honoring them for the children's shoes in front of town halls, an action about which the MDR wrote:

“Many people who take part in this action will be neither aware of the historical significance nor the conspiracy ideological motives of some of the organizers in the background.” Benjamin Winkler says, however, that the initiators of the action should be very familiar with the historical connotations. However, it is hardly possible to identify them. During the research, however, it becomes clear which connections, structures and networks are behind the most important advertisers for the campaign.


Well, Frank the Traveler. The former “Aktion Kinderschuh” was renamed “Aktion Kindermund” according to the MDR.

It can be understood that a day before the association's flyer post, a Telegram channel was founded, which was then called “Aktion Kinderschuh”. Almost 200 people subscribe to this channel on Telegram; Around 2,200 Facebook users are members of the group of the same name. The Telegram channel and the Facebook group were renamed after an MDR SACHSEN-ANHALT research critically examined the association with mountains of children's shoes. Now the group is called “Aktion Kindermund”.


Right-wing oaths, medium-sized oaths, Swiss oaths, oaths with buses, oath distributors. "Energy Medicine" (Kolzov), money-collecting groups. New rights without oath. Children's shoes. Water filter. Lateral thinking through the republic. Transport infrastructure saboteurs ... Enough? No?

Fill me? Pure filling me? The lawyer? Freedom for the Holcaust denier Haverbeck?

No, this account is probably not Reiner Füllmich's. There is at least one fake group and we could not verify that this account actually belongs to Füllmich. Therefore we assume a fake account that is a member here.

But Frank is an admin.

But it is enough now, even if it is only part of the groups, because Alexis is a very brave and hard-working bot.

And maybe you now understand why it was so important to us to get to know Frank the Traveler better.

Now that we know him and his network better, every operator of a group or channel with Frank as admin or Frank's bot is automatically fair game. Because through Frank's network, we not only know the background, but also the depths.

And the participants in these chats? You already know, polishing and applying, scraping and securing, saving and linking. Frank may run a bot that throws Telegram IDs from groups and chats. But that makes it easier for us to separate the trolls from the oaths, the wheat from the chaff.

The mill rattles, the miller writes, Klipp-Klapp - apply and polish, scrape and secure, 63K and counting.

Telegram is not anonymous. Remember?

At the end a note: the Zeitzgrund Bockmühle and the associated website have a new owner, who has nothing to do with Frank.