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Vanilla pods Madagascar 13-15 cm

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Whole vanilla pods from Naturix24 - approx. 3 g per pod, 13-15 cm. The vanilla pods are suitable ... more
Product information "Vanilla pods Madagascar 13-15 cm"

Whole vanilla pods from Naturix24 - approx. 3 g per pod, 13-15 cm. The vanilla pods are suitable as a kitchen spice or as an ingredient in drinks.

The vanilla pods come from Madagascar and are freshly imported by us. The extra-fine, aromatic pods meet all trade requirements with a gloss. A vanillin content of 1.9% speaks for a well-ripened pod. The moisture content corresponds to 18-28%.

Our mother company Senger natural raw materials has been importing vanilla for 125 years and can look back on a long tradition and experience.
We buy the vanilla from Madagascar from local growers. Thus we can guarantee a high quality. But not only quality counts with this direct purchase; we stand for a decent reward for this top product. This is the only way for local farmers to cover their costs and properly care for their plants. Modern agriculture relieves nature on site and makes the vanilla free of harmful pesticides and heavy metals.

A few words about vanilla: The vanilla plant is an orchid plant and is considered the queen of spices. The vanilla plants climb up scaffolding or trees. Often other crops are used to support the plants, so that you have a healthy mixed culture. After planting, the vanilla plants stand for 3-4 years until the first usable fruits are born. The pollination of the flowers is unfortunately not given by insects or birds in the growing countries, so the vanilla farmer has to pollinate each individual flower by hand. After about 9 months, the pods are ripened for harvest and are immersed in hot water immediately after being picked to stop ripening. While still on the plantation, the vanilla pods are wrapped in jute towels and used for the sweat placed in the sun. The vanilla pod loses a lot of moisture and turns brown. The pods are then sun-dried for about 3 weeks. Here the pod turns black and acquires its appearance as we know it. During the drying process, the ingredients are transformed into the tasty vanillin.

Small trucks bring the vanilla to central collection points for further processing and sorting.

After the lengthy process, the vanilla pods are sorted by length and color and packed in metal cans lined with waxed paper. The optically unusable pods are processed on site to make vanilla syrup or extracts.

After another 3 weeks, the vanilla arrives at the Hamburg seaport and is immediately unloaded there. The storage until resale is still done in harbor sheds with thick brick walls. Summer and winter alike, there is a constant climate of 13 ° C and low humidity. Ideal for storing vanilla.

Not only certificates prove the quality, also the upscale gastronomy and spice dealers rely on our vanilla.

5g = approx. 2 pods

25g = approx. 6 pods

50g = approx. 12 pods

100g = approx. 25 pods

250g = approx. 60 pods

500g = approx. 120 pods

1 kg = approx. 250 pods

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Customer evaluation for "Vanilla pods Madagascar 13-15 cm"
Of:ErikaAt the:25.05.2012

Very good quality

These vanilla pods are rich in vanilla pulp and have a great taste. Highly recommended!!

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