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Test yourself - Find out which job suits you

Looking for a dream job?

Will you soon have graduated from high school? Great, that’s the first big step in your career. However, that doesn't mean you can rest on it. A central question that you are now asking yourself: which job suits me? Maybe training as a mechatronics technician?
Your childhood career aspirations are probably still firmly anchored in your head. When the girls still wanted to be princesses or ballerina, the boys were more into the professions of firefighter or excavator driver. Now, a long time later, those desires are probably gone and you have developed other personal interests that play a role in your professional orientation. Would you like to finally have an overview of professions that suit you? Then test yourself with us!

Out of school and into professional life

One thing is clear: the amount of training and courses offered offers you countless opportunities to shape your future professional life. There are many jobs, but finding the one job that fits your strengths, talent and personality is damn hard. You will probably feel like most other young people who are faced with their career choice: The path to the desired occupation feels like looking for a needle in a haystack.

To find a job, you have probably already visited a job fair or apprenticeship exchange during your school days. Unfortunately, experience shows that many students see the time at a trade fair for professions and training only as a welcome change from everyday school life and only a few use the opportunity to find out about various jobs and learn about other people's professional activities in a certain profession to introduce.

Find your dream job with a job test

You are now aware that the search for an apprenticeship or a degree is more topical than ever. This is exactly why we want to help you with our job test to find a suitable job that corresponds to your own strengths and interests! In cooperation with experts, we have developed our career check, an interest test or career choice test. This free professional test consists of twelve questions and takes less than ten minutes. As soon as you answer question 1, you will see training courses and jobs that might suit you and your skills. This list of suggestions then changes in the further course of the job test and is refined with each new task.

Our job test consists of a total of twelve questions. Of course, you are free to choose the question up to which you want to take the professional test. Perhaps, right from the start, you will find out which is the right job for you. Of course, you will get the most reliable test result with the best selection of occupations if you complete the occupation test. With our job check you are less than ten minutes away from your dream job! So let's go, get started right now and shape your future according to your wishes!