How to Calculate Pooled Variance in Excel


Learn to easily calculate percentage growth using this simple formula in Excel. Calculate the percentage growth.

One of the most widely used formulas that can be used in Excel spreadsheets is that of calculating the percentage growth. With this formula it is very easy to determine which variation exists between two digits, whether it is positive or negative and to what percentage the two values ​​vary.

Formula for determining the percentage growth

There are several ways to determine the percentage variation between two digits, but this is without a doubt the simplest:

Applied to an example, the formula reads accordingly: If you have a value of 1200 one year and 1800 the next year, the calculation of the percentage growth between the two numbers is as follows:

In case you prefer to reference cells, write the first value in cell A1 and the second value in cell A2 and apply the following formula:

Please note, however, that you have to set the format of the cells to “%” if you want the result to be displayed as a percentage. If you don't set the format accordingly, you will get a number that you have to multiply by 100 to get the percentage.

Calculating the percentage of a number

If, on the other hand, you want to calculate the percentage as a quantity in relation to the total, you can use this other formula.

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