Where have Friendster photos gone?

Android: pictures gone - where can they be?

This practical tip will tell you where to find your pictures on Android when they're gone. When photos disappear, the annoyance is always particularly great, as memories are always lost. But do not despair: In some cases, the files can be found again quickly.

Photos gone on Android - they could have been hiding here

If your own pictures are no longer displayed on your smartphone, it does not necessarily mean that the pictures have generally been deleted. It is definitely worth taking a closer look here before you give up hope of the wonderful memories.

  • Internal memory: Many smartphones have a large internal memory, which makes a memory card superfluous. Connect your smartphone to a PC and check the folders created by Android on your smartphone. You should search each folder to be absolutely sure. The pictures may just no longer be displayed on your smartphone, but they may still be in memory.
  • Bug: Some Android smartphones are prone to display errors. You will then only find an error message when searching for your pictures in the folders, but not your photos. A restart may fix the problem and your pictures will be displayed on the smartphone again.
  • Memory card: If you receive a message that the smartphone no longer recognizes your memory card, remove the card from the phone. You can use a card reader connected to your PC to search for the images directly on the memory card. Check each folder shown.
  • Cloud service: If you use a cloud to save your pictures externally, check the settings on your smartphone. Pay particular attention to the settings for synchronization with the cloud service: the pictures may be removed from the phone after they have been transferred to the cloud.
  • External programs: If your efforts so far are unsuccessful, you should search your smartphone for deleted files or use Recuva from your computer.
  • Note: Avoid taking new pictures after realizing the loss of your old pictures. Otherwise the deleted pictures could be overwritten by new recordings.