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Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy Farrah Fowler



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Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler first appeared in season three and has been a main character in The Big Bang Theory since season four. She is a neurobiologist and later becomes the wife of Sheldon Cooper.

Integration into the series

Because Sheldon is quite simply sexually neutral, Howard and Raj registered Sheldon with a dating site on the Internet without his knowledge. When you signed up, you answered the questions exactly as Sheldon would. After a short time, Amy was proposed to the two boys for "Sheldon" with almost one hundred percent agreement. Howard and Raj were very surprised at this equality, and they blackmailed Sheldon with a dirty sock into meeting Amy.

She explains that she doesn't want touch or sex and that she only dates because she has a deal with her mother that she goes on a date at least once a year. Surprised by this resemblance, Sheldon is tempted to buy her a drink.

Sheldon and Amy become friends in season four. She also gets to know the other members of the group, also befriends Penny and promptly declares her to be her best friend. Penny, Amy and Bernadette can then be seen together more often.

When Amy and Sheldon eventually become a couple, their friends call them "Shamy".


As already mentioned, Amy appears at the beginning as the female counterpart to Sheldon. She is highly intelligent and analytical. She does not attach much importance to social contacts and is against almost any physical contact, especially sexual. At the beginning she also has no sense of humor and does not understand irony. She also often says that she had no friends when she was a child and that her mother kept her away from social ventures for fear that it would end her on the bad side. Through contact with the others, especially Penny and Bernadette, Amy learns to develop a sense of humor, to loosen up and to enjoy life.



Sheldon and Amy become friends quickly and spend a lot of time together. Since Sheldon refuses to call her his girlfriend, Amy goes on a date with Stuart, which makes Sheldon furious with jealousy. Therefore they both decide to sign a relationship contract and be a couple. The relationship suffers from the fact that Amy has to bring up Sheldon in romantic matters and sometimes feels neglected. At the beginning of season 10, she even breaks up with him, believing that Sheldon will not change. While Amy is dating other men, Sheldon suffers greatly from the breakup as he was about to propose to Amy. After realizing how much he loves and needs Amy, the two get together again and experience their first time together and move into Penny's old apartment together. After Amy has to leave for work and Sheldon is kissed by Ramona, Sheldon promptly drives to the airport, gets on a plane and flies to Amy. Once there, he proposes to her and the two get married in season 11. In season 12 they both get the Nobel Prize.


Amy calls Penny her best friend shortly after they meet and wants to do as much as possible with her. It is initially unclear whether Amy has sexual feelings for Penny, as she often admires her and lets make comments. However, it later becomes clear that she views Penny as her best friend, as she was very lonely in her childhood and adolescence and the new friends have changed her life. That's why she "submits" to friendship and always tries to please Penny.


Through Penny, Amy gets to know Bernadette and gets on well with her, as both are highly educated. She even becomes her maid of honor and spends a lot of time with her. However, it also shows that the two are not the best of friends, so Amy always prefers Penny over Bernadette. Amy also reveals that she is partially jealous of Bernadette because of her body and her job.


Both originally have no contact at all, with Howard being the one who "couples" Amy with Sheldon. During a scavenger hunt, in which we choose each other at random, both get to know each other better. They notice that they have a similar taste in music and also make a good team. In the further course, both of them sometimes go to a Karoke bar, but mostly their contact remains insignificant.


  • Amy plays the harp.
  • Amy invented her own secret language, 'Op'.
  • Unlike Sheldon, she doesn't like comics and isn't a Star Trek fan.
  • The actress Mayim Bialik is herself Dr. of neurobiology. The writers changed this for the character 'Amy' after Bialik started on the series.
  • Like all of the main characters except Penny, Amy wasn't very popular in school and she had no friends; the only person who wrote in her yearbook was her mother, who wrote, "Dear Amy, self-respect and immaculateness are better than friends and fun. Your mom."
  • When she was 14 years old, she "cut the webbed feet between her toes by hand"; for anesthesia she only used nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas) from whipped cream cans.
  • She has a deal with her mother that requires her to go on a date at least once a year.
  • She spent a semester abroad in Norway.
  • She vomited once after kissing Sheldon. (Though she was drunk during this time)
  • She once spent a lot of money to have a picture of her and Penny painted.
  • She has a malalignment of the uterus.
  • She lives in apartment number 314. That is the beginning of the circle number Pi (3.14 ...).
  • She has slightly lesbian tendencies towards Penny.
  • Amy thinks she and Penny are best friends, so she always calls Penny "best friends".
  • She has hidden many "overnight kits" (toothbrush, towel, ...) in Sheldon's apartment, for example under the couch or in the bathroom.
  • She has an amateur biologist as a fiancĂ©, who finances her laboratory equipment.