How to read my shoulder mri results

Functional MRT - assumption of health insurance costs


I've had massive claustrophobia for decades, which is getting worse over the years!

When I had to go to the MRI in 2012, the neurologist confirmed my claustrophobia in writing, and TK covered the entire cost of the open MRI!

Now I have an operation on my back and I have to have an MRI examination done in advance! The orthopedic surgeon who performed the operation issued me a referral to the radiologist stating that the MRI was open because of claustrophobia.

I sent this transfer to TK in advance to cover the costs.

Now TK only wants to cover part of the costs for the open MRI! A share that is too high for me, am a pensioner, should I pay myself, but I can't!

The verbal justification of the TK: the conditions for the open MRI would have changed in 2015! Lt. the radiologist will be covered by the statutory health insurances as before if claustrophobia is proven.

When I asked TK who was doing the open MRI in my area for this cost assumption offered, TK couldn't be called a radiologist! TK would then have to pay the travel expenses there too!

I have now filed an objection, and TK called and told me that they would forward my case internally and that such cases would be decided internally in-house 2 to 3 times a year.

But now I need the open MRI examination before the operation in April!

Does anyone have any advice for me?

Thanks and regards