How to remove the cam lock without a key

How to open a locked room door

Bit key

Room doors are locked with a tumbler key. These are those keys with the big beard that fit into keyholes that are just as big. These keyholes make it relatively easy to pick a lock and open it without a key. So how do you crack the inside door? You have several options.

Different room key

The simplest trick is: take another room key. The keys of the room doors of an apartment usually fit in all locks.

Open the door with a lock pick or wire

Tumbler locks can be easily opened without a key, namely with a lock pick. Alternatively, you can bend a wire at right angles. The technology is not that simple, especially with wire, you have to try it out a little. A small Allen key can also be used as a lock pick.

Turn the key with needle-nose pliers

What to do if the key is still on the other side? Now you know the trick of pushing a sheet of paper through the crack in the door, pushing out the key and pulling it through on the sheet under the door. But that doesn't always work, especially not when the key is turned slightly.

You can get to the key by turning it with needle-nose pliers. To do this, however, you must first turn or remove the lock plate or the rose so that you can access the actual keyhole. Then grab the end of the key with needle-nose pliers and turn it until the lock opens. But be careful: do not push the key backwards, otherwise you will no longer be able to grip it.


If you have lost all of the interior door keys, you can try to buy new ones. This is not so difficult with tumbler locks, because there are not as infinitely many types as there are house door keys. To do this, you need to know the number of the key. It may have hit the inside of the keyhole. If not, you can take a picture of the keyhole with your smartphone and send it to a key manufacturer. He finds the right key. Alternatively, you can change the lock.

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