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Are you looking for Fashion Store Mode GmbH in Cologne? Fashion Store Mode in Cologne operates in the wholesale sector. You can find the company at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 27 -29. The full address can be found here in the detailed view.

You can call them on Tel. 0221-5694440. Of course, you also have the option of using the address listed for your mailing to Fashion Store Mode GmbH, or you can use our free map service for Cologne. Get directions to Fashion Store Modein Cologne - including a route planner.

In Cologne there are 808 other wholesale companies. You can find an overview in the overview Wholesale Cologne.
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Directions with route planner to Fashion Store Mode, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 27-29 on the Cologne city map

Note on Fashion Store Mode GmbH

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Typical activities and terms in this branch

  • Remove expired goods from the shelves
  • Pay attention to safety in the store
  • Hire trainees
  • sort out damaged goods
  • Hand out chips for shopping carts
  • Organize purchases
  • Shopping carts order Cologne
  • Make shopping cart available
  • Check the delivered goods for completeness
  • Choose giveaways
  • Order giveaways
  • Carry out an inventory
  • Write to customers
  • to advise customers
  • Attract customers with samples
  • Giving customers out money
  • Remind deliveries
  • Order truck Cologne
  • Perform market analysis
  • talk to suppliers
  • Train employees
  • gain new clients
  • add new goods to the range
  • Put up price tags
  • Prepare product samples
  • Grant discounts
  • Rearrange shelves
  • Clean shelves
  • Evaluate training courses with staff
  • Arrange protective measures
  • find out about new products
  • Plan special promotions
  • Design special sales areas
  • Selling specialties
  • Goods distinguish Cologne
  • Check goods in warehouse
  • Grant return of goods
  • Carry out advertising concepts
  • Plan advertising concepts
  • End promotional activities
  • Plan advertising measures
  • Execute advertising projects
  • Have advertising brochures printed

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