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You found a nice song and now you want to play, but how? Which chords and which beat patterns?

Now you search the Internet for lyrics with chords for this song, you search and search and ... bingo, you have found! Wow!

Do you take the guitar and play along and ... on the first beat you realize that the chords don't fit, these are just not those chords. And what now?

Keep searching and find websites with different chords, but they don't match either.

Often you can find websites with chords and lyrics and unfortunately ... you can't play along, the chords are not in this scale as in the original song, or what is even worse, are mistakes - wrong chords.

If you are lucky, you can find your song in this website - Ultimate Guitar (In Blogroll), here you can adapt the chords to the original (where?, See photo below)

What to do if you can't find chords for your song

Download a free program - Sonic Visualiser and about this program Chordino plugin, here you get all the chords from the song. (See photo below) Sometimes the songs are played in capo, but in this program you get the chords from the song without capo, but if you want or have to play in capo, take the capo table and transpose the chords. How to use the capo table, you can find on my page - now we play the capo table.

Beat pattern.

If you are a beginner and have just started playing guitar, check out my blogroll, here you have websites with beat patterns.

If you've been playing for a few months, you've already developed your own punch pattern, you already know a few punch patterns.

If you've already found chords for your song, now is the time to need beat patterns. Put your left hand on all the strings so that they don't play too loudly and try to hit them like in your song. If you've already figured out beat patterns, you can now play chords. Whyfirst beat patterns and then chords ? If you start playing with the wrong beat pattern, you may not play in time or get a completely different song. Try to play these chords - a C G G a C e e - with different beat patterns, you will see that you get something different every time.

What is important :

  • to stay in time when the time is: 1 and 2 and 3 then, your beat also comes in 1 and 2 and 3, whether the tee or serve, you have to adapt that to what suits you better. Tee (top to bottom) is better and easier to play than serve (bottom to top), where many beginners get stuck with the thin -e - string. Better to tee off 3 times but nice than humming when you serve.
  • Play the way you can, you are you !! Feel free to improvise with your punching pattern.
  • Some songs are played with several guitars, each of which plays its own beat pattern, the whole song sounds very nice, but if you take only one guitar beat pattern, this song sounds bland and boring, so combine different beat patterns, you can use certain words in the song or certain ones Emphasize moments with a different beat, you can also add arpeggios or pluck bass strings, or give a solo with notes, here you can find out for yourself what suits you better.
  • Don't worry about not playing like the original song. Just think, your beat has to go with the song, it is half as bad that you have different beat patterns, because that is your improvisation.

There are a number of beat patterns that are suitable for specific styles of music. And there are umpteen variations of each stroke pattern. It even happens quite often that several beat patterns or variations of a basic pattern are used in the same song. You can use the original as a guide when choosing the beat pattern, but you don't have to. It is enough if the beat pattern only halfway fits the piece. Even the original performers vary their beat patterns from appearance to appearance.

You should acquire a handful of punch patterns over time, and learn how to vary them a little until you find a version that is very close to your taste, or even the original. You should later be able to accompany a song with very different beats, provided the beat is right. You just try out which shot you like. Sometimes it depends on your mood what you play. As I said before, there are no set rules for choosing a stroke pattern. And it doesn't always have to sound exactly like the original!

You can find punch patterns in the Blogroll: Strumming patterns, plucking and punching patterns, punching pattern videos.

Do you need music teacher?

Not necessarily at the beginning. First learn all the basic chords, as many beat patterns as possible, notes on the fretboard, many arpeggios, etc. After a year you can already play pretty well, now you want to play your songs more beautifully, much more interestingly, now you have found out that you better rock, Jazz or blues fits better than ballads and this is where you get stuck. How do I play blues runs, bass string runs, solos in rock or jazz, bluegrass etc. You can find a lot on the Internet, but why is so and not different, where do the notes for solos that match the song come from, you can only do that and more a teacher explain and help. So a guitar lesson wouldn't be bad. You can also ask in the specialist shop whether you could buy a good book for this direction, which is of interest to you. I play a lot of bluegrass and ... on the Internet I find far too little that could help me, that's why I bought the books, where everything is well explained. With the CD from the book it is easier to practice these songs. Believe me, it is worth buying a book or taking a guitar lesson. If you want to take guitar lessons, the lesson should last longer than 30 minutes. Courses like 30 minutes for 30 euros are too expensive and they won't help you. Some songs are complicated, in 30 minutes the teacher can hardly show and explain anything to you.

When picks slip!

When you sweat, the picks slip between your fingers and playing with the plectrum is less fun. But if you stick leather to the upper part of the pick, sweat will remain in the leather and the pick will sit firmly between your fingers.

Do not forget ! After 3 - 4 months of playing, change the old strings to new ones !! Heavily worn strings lose their sound.

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