Best whole milk powder

Milk powder for calves

The calf can be supplied with additional vitamins and immunoglobulins through the beigbae of a so-called calf starter. This promotes the development of the intestinal flora, prevents deficiency symptoms and ensures the iron supply. In most companies, the separation from the mother takes place a few hours or days after the birth. The calves can only develop optimally with carefully planned housing and feeding management.

Optimized nutrition in the first weeks of life

The risk of calf loss can be significantly reduced through hygiene measures and careful feeding management. The main threats to newborn calves are respiratory and intestinal infections. It is important to avoid this as much as possible. A calf's fore-stomachs are not fully developed and ready for use at birth, so the animal is not yet able to properly digest vegetable protein. This ability only develops in the course of the first few weeks of life. Accordingly, calves up to an age of around four to eight weeks need a milk replacer without vegetable proteins in order to be able to develop well.

Strengthening the immune system with the right milk powder for calves

Milk replacer is available commercially in different compositions. On the one hand, the amount of skimmed milk powder contained varies, on the other hand, different substances are added to promote optimal tolerance. The older the calves are, the higher the proportion of vegetable proteins can be. Skimmed milk replacer entirely without vegetable proteins and with a skimmed milk powder content of more than 50 percent is rarely used for reasons of cost. Usually the proportion of skimmed milk powder is 20 to 35 percent. Acidification with lactic acid bacteria and / or calcium formate (salt of formic acid) improves tolerance, promotes digestion and prevents diarrhea.