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There are silver coins for investment, memorial and collector purposes from many countries. In the past, silver was also a common coin metal for normal ones Circulation coins, with which purchases for daily needs were paid for. Circulation silver coins and Commemorative coins were usually minted in such large numbers that they are usually of no interest to collectors and are therefore melted down when silver is purchased in refineries and the fine silver recycled from them is used for new products in industry or for investment products such as silver bars or silver tablets. Fixed silver coins on the other hand, if they are still in a marketable condition, they are repackaged / encapsulated after inspection and resold in the silver coin trade. Of course, you will also find purchase prices for silver coins here in the coin catalog.

Below is information on common silver coins.

SILVER bullion coins

Frequently searched bullion / investment silver coins:

Taxation of silver coins

  • Silver coins are subject to VAT in Germany. There were investment silver coins, which could be sold at the reduced VAT rate of currently 7% until the end of 2013, and collector silver coins, which were already subject to the full VAT rate of 19% at that time. Since 2014, silver coins have increasingly been offered with differential taxation.
  • Up to a price of EUR 1,999.99, silver coins can be purchased anonymously from over the counter shops in Germany in accordance with the GWG.
  • Anyone who makes a profit on the sale of silver coins does not need to pay tax on it, provided that there is at least one year between buying and selling the coins.
  • In the case of a sale, the buying banks or precious metal dealers are legally obliged to record the seller's personal details, as is the case with every coin purchase.