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Joy Con Stick hangs and does not respond correctly: what to do?

Anyone who bought the Nintendo Switch directly at the time of its release may sooner or later have problems with the Joy Con. Especially with intensive use, it happens once and the left Joy Con or, more precisely, the analog stick on it no longer works. Sometimes the left Joy-Con does not react correctly, sometimes the stick only works sporadically and sometimes it pulls to the left by itself, even though you don't push it to the side. The "drift problem" seems to occupy some owners of a Nintendo Switch and there are various solutions that can help here.

Joy Con Stick is stuck and does not work properly

If the Joy Von hangs and the Analog Stick does not react correctly, then you should try the following.

  • Restart Nintendo Switch: To rule out that it is a software problem, you should restart the Nintendo Switch once and check whether the problem persists.
  • Update Joy Con: You can update the controllers via the system settings under "Controllers and sensors". Make sure that the software on the controller is up to date.
  • Cleaning and calibrating the Joy-Con analog stick: Over time, some dust can collect under the analog stick. Often the coarsest dirt can be removed by pushing the stick to the side and cleaning it a little. You should also calibrate the analog sticks on your Joy Con controllers. To do this, open the system settings and under "Controllers and sensors". Here you will find the menu item “Calibrate Control Sticks”, which you can use to calibrate the Joy Con sticks.

Joy Con Analog Stick defective: how to repair it?

Unfortunately, the problem with the Joy Con no longer working properly cannot always be resolved as described above, for example by calibrating the controller. In this case, only replacing the stick usually helps. If the Joy Con Analog Stick is defective, hangs and can no longer be moved properly, you should contact the dealer or Nintendo customer service. We bought the Nintendo Switch at Media Markt and the defective Joy Con was sent in there. After a short time we had the repaired Joy-Con controller back and everything works as it should.

If you want, you can also replace the analog stick yourself. Attention, this will void the guarantee. The individual steps are described very well and in detail in the video from the YouTube channel Spawn Wave.