Aurands Fencerow wholesale craft

Power tools and machines Soldering Welding Pneumatic devices
  • Drilling, screwing, turning
  • Hitting, chiselling
  • Milling and planing
  • Grinding, brushing, polishing, scraping
  • Sawing and cutting
  • Cutting, nibbling, thermal races
  • Rivets, staples, nails, dispensing guns
  • Stir, vibrate, spray
  • Gluing, melting, hot air blower, hair dryer
  • Spare batteries, chargers, radios and tool fuses
  • Soldering, welding, forging
  • Compressed air preparation and tools
  • Warranty extensions and gift certificates
Clothing and occupational safety
Equipment and facilities
  • Air conditioning: heating, cooling, dehumidifying
  • high pressure cleaner
  • Water technology
  • Vacuum cleaner, floor cleaning
  • Detergents and equipment
  • Lawn mowers, scarifiers, trimmers, hedge trimmers, blowers
  • Garden, agriculture and forestry
  • Garden furniture, parasols, tents
  • Grills: charcoal, electric, gas and accessories
Hardware for wood and metal
Fastening and assembly technology