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Like other clubs, Werder Bremen only received the license for the new season under certain conditions due to the financial difficulties. The green-whites have to close their liquidity gap by September 15, "for example by transferring players to other clubs", it goes on: "Otherwise, six points will be deducted with immediate effect."

According to the article, this liquidity gap is around EUR 26 million.

With a descent you not only save the 12 million for Selke

The question is whether Selke is already included in the 26 million, otherwise they would even have to "earn" 38 million through transfers and loans if they were not relegated.

That would actually not look good for Werder, the interesting players (Pavlenka, Augustinsson, Eggestein, Rashica) who (could) also bring money are so immensely important and of course it is also questionable whether interested clubs (BVB, Bayer, etc.) Due to the financial situation we will try to keep the price down as much as possible.

What other ways are there to generate liquidity?

I fear that the market values ​​have been adjusted downwards significantly after 2 years of negative performance. A lot of capital was ruined during this time. I see it in a similar way to us in 2018 (Holtby, Lasogga, Hunt, Sakai). I still see Pavlenka and Rashica as quite profitable, but Pavlenka is a goalkeeper (the market is not very big by nature) and Rashica is in free fall, measured against the rumored 30 million 2 years ago.

The parallels to us (and Schalke too) are very striking. Last year they stayed in there with a lot of luck (Cologne lay on their back in the last game, Union performed, 2 draws in the Rele). Quasi our year with the Rele against Fürth. The current fan loan is also reminiscent of our approach when the water was above the tip of our nose. And the opinions on this in the forum are not exactly rosy.

I'm more worried about how they're going to survive in the first division than in the second. With regard to the Selke millions. On the descent, however, they would be forced to cleanse. For me an absolute decal to us.