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Do you also know those moments when you simply think “Does that have to be (still) now? Aren't my challenges big enough already? Why does this have to happen to me? "

I know that. Especially when it comes to really violent events like my bicycle accident (which was followed by several wrist operations) or even the death of my beloved mom. These are cuts that have thrown me completely off track in my character and my being. Then I wished more than once that I could change these realities and forego the bike tour or have my mom back in and in my life.

But is that really the case? Would my life really be BETTER then? Or just different?

Of course, be happy

Mo Gawdat claims in his formula for happiness that happiness is our basic state and that we only become the people we are today through illusions, social pressure and false beliefs. There are probably experiences in all of our lives that do not always seem to be happy in every single moment.

I don't know about you, but what if he was right?

But what can we do now, so that we feel happy in this life, are thankful for it,

  • that we live
  • that we can live
  • that we are allowed to live like this in this world with this environment in which we are now. To do this, Mo suggests that we should do the eraser exercises

The butterfly effect

Have you heard of the butterfly effect?
YES, I mean both the butterfly effect from physics and the film with the same name:

It says that if we change a small component in a complex world, then a great many other things (have to) change too.
A small change causes an incredible number of other changes that we might not even have had in mind at first. In the film “Butterfly Effect” it is wonderfully illustrated when the protagonist repeatedly makes changes in time at one point or another, but repeatedly results in consequences that he had not had in mind before (recommendation!).

Change the past

Do you play along? Based on Gamification, an exercise that can go a long way:
Mo offers us a playful exercise in which we can intervene in our lives like an eraser. Loosely based on “Back to the Future”, where we steer into the course of time:
Imagine if you could take advantage of this cutting edge technology and put the eraser in your life. You can now delete events. And everything changes in sequence. And it changes you.

Does this formula for happiness exercise sound tempting, doesn't it? An exciting story.
Now do the exercise actively:

Imagine having a real control over certain events. In addition, imagine what the consequences are:

  • What other things would it change?
  • How would your life be different?
  • Which precious encounters did you lose?
  • What experiences disappeared
  • what would be different today if that one momentum hadn't happened back then?

Mo says that he gave this formula for happiness exercise to hundreds of seminar participants and only a few actually found events that they absolutely wanted to erase.
Because mostly these events, some of which seem cruel at first, such as death or health problems, result in either explicitly positive or at least learning experiences.

What are the consequences?

And I admit, also with me personally:

For example, with the death of my mother, I was much more involved and more intensely involved Vera F Birkenbihl started to deal more deeply or we had worked together a lot more and also immensely built up our personal ones through deep conversations. During this time I have matured immensely, immersed myself much deeper in this world of learning, of brain research.

My entire life would have been different today if my mother had lived on.
Similar to the bicycle accident, where I was allowed to experience the fragility of my human body and how quickly everything could be different or even over.

Connecting the dots

It is probably no different for you: the formula for happiness also includes the one or other small moment in which you do not yet realize the positive consequences this will have. But at this point I like to quote Steve Jobs, afterwards we can connect the dots with each other he has it as connecting the dots called

In this respect, I find this exercise incredibly powerful, because it can bring back the love of your own life. You may feel more gratitude for how it turned out today, even if it sometimes seems difficult. In addition, you can finally say goodbye to the attitude that life is against you.

Because life is always for you and this eternal truth is not only written in this book. Many wisdom thinkers of all times, from Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha to Gandhi ...

Life is for you, God stands behind you, you can rely on your life and it does not matter whether you are somehow religious or not

In the end, it's just about that

  • Your everyday life can be positive,
  • You can be happy and
  • if you want to feel happy, make friends with the past

Another valuable tool here can be a hypnosis be in which you look at such difficult situations again for yourself and maybe give them different feelings. Laura Seiler, for example, does these, but others who deal with the healing of the inner child could also be helpful at this point.

The formula for happiness

Mo Gawdat's work “The Formula for Happiness” (2017, redline) turns out to be one of the best books in a long time. It is riddled with a lot of really valuable impulses and thoughts and I definitely recommend it!
It's already one of my favorite books for 2018 (and I read a lot of books!)

With this in mind, I wish you from the bottom of my heart that you can love and enjoy your thoughts about your life again. Maybe I can be like this with mine (that's my wish) to give you the tools to give you even more happiness in your own life and in the life of the people you touch.

All the best, Andreas Giermaier

Actively using the brain on the way to a successful life. Since 2000 Andreas K. Giermaier BSc. MSc. scientifically using brain-friendly strategies for success in learning, business and psychology. With his large online coaching magazine Blog LernDerZukunft, which he founded together with Vera F. Birkenbihl, he reaches tens of thousands of readers and has thus become a guide through the jungle of knowledge. In his HappyBrain coaching show, he also regularly interviews the “big ones” of trainers / speakers and coaches

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