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Who invented the Bunsen burner - who invented the Bunsen burner

Robert Bunsen: inventor of the Bunsen burner. Robert Wilhelm Bunsen was born in Göttingen on March 30, 1811, when no one thought of what this baby would one day achieve. The versatile naturalist would have been 200 years old this year.

Robert Bunsen, who is not just one of the most successful, but also most versatile Scientist is considered to have developed alongside the Spectrum analysisthat he worked out with his colleague Gustav Robert Kirchhoff, one Execution named after him Bunsen burner.

Robert Bunsen: The inventor of the Bunsen burner

The little one named after the chemist Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Gas burner was originally from Michael Faraday invented, but by Bunsen perfected.

The Bunsen burner is a device that works on a foot stands and on the one Gas supply is appropriate. Bunsen also installed a vertical tube, through which the gas at a adjustableopening passes through the Air sucked in becomes. At the top of this tube is the gas ignited and burns.

The resulting flame can be up to 1,500 ° C getting hot. The more air enters through the opening and communicates with the gas mixed, all the more hotter eventually the flame burns.

The bunsen burner finds his application on the one hand in chemical laboratory, around Fabrics to heat and in the analytical chemistry, at which, among other things Flames colored become. But also in the kitchen you can use the gas burner, for example sugar to caramelize.

His was no less important common development with Gustav Robert Kirchhoff, who, as a physicist from Prussia, was particularly involved in researching the electricity busy. Together the two scientists created the spectrum analysis in 1859, thanks to which one is able to do this chemical elements to prove. You steer light through a gap on prism or grid, where this is then in his Components is dismantled.

The life of a chemist

Bunsen researched and taught in until he was 78 years old Heidelbergwhere he aged 88 passed away. He was born as the son of the literature professor Christian Bunsen on March 30, 1811 in Goettingen born, he spent his childhood and youth in Northern Germany. After he be Education in Göttingen, he became professor in Margburg and Breslau, until he finally came to Heidelberg.

A lot became of him expectedwhat often causes him to scary Seemed, however, there was about how to use its significant developments can easily see, not the slightest occasion, after all, today he is considered one of the most important people of the 19th century.

Bunsen who this year 200 years would have gotten old, remains in positive memory: “As a researcher he was great. Even greater as a teacher. As a husband and a friend he was the biggest. "(Quote: Henry Enfield Roscoe, student and friend of Robert Bunsen)

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