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Dao-Yi Chow, Public School

Design5 Swoon Worthy Things:

In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday, we present the five swoon-worthy picks of designer and unmistakably cool dad Dao-Yi Chow. Dao, along with fellow N.Y.C. native Maxwell Osborne, is half of the founding design duo behind streetwear fashion label Public School. Along with their multiple CFDA awards, Dao and Maxwell have won the admiration of a solid fan base, (including my husband, Victor, and now my son, Jivan, who has taken to Victor's PS collection!), Who are drawn to Public School's laid-back, city-kid aesthetic.

And to their list of accolades, we’d also personally bestow the honorary title of “role models”. True to the spirit of the brand’s name, Public School isn’t shy about starting a conversation around what’s going on socially and politically. Tees from their current collection include messages like "we need leaders". And among their killer shindigs are parties with a greater purpose, like the Gordon Parks Foundation Gala, which they co-chair.

Here, we're happy to have Dao share not only the five items he's currently coveting and a little about himself, but also his idea of ​​a perfect Father’s Day, plus a lifelong love his own dad instilled in him. Get to know my friend below, and gather up gift ideas for the father or father-figures in your life.

SURNAME: Dao-Yi Chow


HOME BASE: Brooklyn, NYC


DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: Would I wear this?

YOUR AESTHETIC IN 3 WORDS: Deconstructed, functional, nylon.

DESIGN TREND YOU LOVE? Reclaimed anything.

ONE YOU WISH WOULD GO AWAY? Anything not made to last forever.



HOW / WHERE YOU SHOP: Fast and furious. Comme and Yohji.


WHAT DOES A PERFECT FATHER’S DAY LOOK LIKE? Eating and surrounded by friends and family with my two boys at my side.

  1. Philips Avance XL Digital Airfryer: “I am a French fry connoisseur so I eat way too many fries, needless to say. We just bought this air fryer that cooks food without using oil. It circulates the heat evenly and gives everything a really crispy texture. So now I can eat as many fries as I want and not feel bad about it. "

  2. 13-inch Macbook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID: "Haven't bought a new personal laptop in like five years, so I finally went out a splurged on the new touchpad Macbook in space gray. It's so light and powerful that I take it with me everywhere. "

  3. Gordon Parks: I Am You; Selected Works 1942-1978: One of my favorite events each year is The Gordon Parks Foundation Gala, which we co-chair. Each year the foundation releases new selected work from Mr. Parks ’amazing archive and this year is entitled“ I Am You ”. His powerful images of the civil rights movement are particularly relevant to these days.

  4. José Parlá: “One of my favorite artists, who we were lucky enough to work with for his first exhibition during Basel Miami. His work feels like layers of history that tell a new story every time you look. "

  5. Rose tree: "My father was a florist growing up so I've always had a love for flowers. He recently came over and pruned our rose tree and the flowers have come back so bright and beautiful, but they're so temperamental. You can’t water them too much or else they’ll die but you have to mist the buds just enough to get them to grow. " (Image via New York State of Mind.)