How to become an eye makeup model

Become a face model

Have you already researched which requirements your face must meet? Not yet, good; Then I will tell you the following points that are important.The generic term is: You have to have a camera-ready face
This means the following:Yours Facial skin must be absolutely free from blemishes and scars. To do this, the proportions have to be perfect. Your eyes as well as your nose and mouth must be in perfect harmony. But sometimes they are for certain Campaigns Looking for striking faces that don't depend on absolute perfection. With them, the expressiveness is in the foreground.

It is also important that you train your face. This means that you work on your facial expressions. Well-groomed skin and perfectly groomed and coiffed hair are self-evident. In general, it is an extraordinary one Facial symmetry and an expressive face with high Recognition value. That is why agencies and agents always attach great importance to an open and positive charisma.

How do you get the first orders?

The first thing you need to do is create a portfolio of professional and meaningful images of your face. You should hire a professional photographer who specializes in portrait photos for the photos. The photos should show your face without make-up but also with make-up (day and evening make-up). If you like, and know a good make-up artist who will transform your face, you can also prove the versatility of your face.
Now the path of sightings begins. You show your portfolio (set card) to several model agencies so that you can be included in the card index. Before doing this, however, you should find out about the agency's customer base so that you know that their customers are also looking for face models. If you contact the agencies by phone, you should kindly but emphatically insist on a personal interview.

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Start a successful career

You should be aware that your face Your capital is. Therefore are sufficient sleep, a healthy diet and Soft skills like punctuality, reliability but also the ability to learn and assertiveness are indispensable.
Your work as Face model you should at least start out as a Sideline see. If you want more, the move to a media city is because of the many Contact options advisable. When things are going really well, cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Francisco, New York or Boston are of course best. However, you should be aware that until then you will usually have a long and arduous road ahead of you.

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