Sonceboz egr aktor how it works


With the engine switched off, pull off the vacuum line and connect the manual vacuum pump. Generate a negative pressure of approx. 300 mbar. If the valve is OK, the pressure must not drop within 5 minutes. Repeat the test with the engine running and at operating temperature. At a pressure difference of approx. 300 mbar, idling must deteriorate or the engine must stop.


If the valve is equipped with a temperature sensor, this can also be checked. To do this, remove the temperature sensor and measure the resistance. The approximate resistance values ​​at the individual temperatures are listed in the following table:


temperature     resistance
20 ° C> 1000 kΩ
70 ° C 60 - 280 kΩ
100 ° C 60 - 120 kΩ


Use a heat gun or hot water to warm up. Use the digital thermometer to check the temperature in order to compare the measured values ​​with the target values.