How to play games like black magic

Black / white magic

Black / white magic
Black magic

As the words suggest, it could be about "black magic".

Black is associated with "bad".
The color and what reminds us of it sometimes scares us.
At night it's dark and you can't see anything "black as the night", that's scary, it's threatening.

"Black magic", as in life, is mostly about power.
The power of "black magic" can become an advantage, for example to influence areas, things or people in a negative form, as well as to exploit weakness, fears and ignorance.

But ultimately power can be seen as something positive, in the "white magic".
There power means rather "ability" or "gift".
The personal, individual point of view is the decisive factor.
Just like what power is used for.
What each individual associates with power (related through experience) is a different matter and, like everything in life, is based on personal experiences of each individual.

If one uses a power (the gift) in the sense of "white magic" e.g. when laying cards to support those asking,
Or is it used to create a dependency, for enrichment.

With the opposite feeling of "powerlessness", i.e. powerlessness, it is exactly the other way around.

Besides, I am of the opinion ...
that it in the original sense ...
there is no black magic at all ...
but that it can / or becomes negative ...

one should also be very careful ...
go to the point "professional" magicians or similar ...
there are more charlatans than knowing ones ...

best regards Akira

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