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Admission to the primary school of your choice without an apartment in the school area

In the primary school sector, the Berlin districts are obliged under the Berlin School Act to assign all residential addresses in their area of ​​responsibility to a nearby primary school as the responsible primary school. This creates so-called "catchment areas" - also referred to as "school enrollment area", "school enrollment district", "catchment area" or "school district". For some years now, it has also been possible to define "common schooling areas" for several primary schools. When creating the areas, the "principle of age-appropriate school routes" must always be observed.

For you as the parents concerned, the assignment is particularly important in the context of school enrollment / school enrollment. On the one hand, you have the right to have your child admitted to the relevant primary school, i. H. Admission can only be refused in exceptional cases. This is v. a. the case when there are significantly more school-age children living within the catchment area than there are school places available at the school, so that a "negative selection process" is carried out for reasons of capacity and some children are "diverted" by the school authorities (assignment to another primary school). The districts try to avoid such diversions. If you are affected by a forced diversion, this can often be counteracted successfully.

Children who live within the enrollment area of ​​a primary school must always be given priority over children from other catchment areas. This applies regardless of the existence of other criteria, i. H. the points "siblings", "grown ties", "choice of school program" and "easier care" are irrelevant at this point.

If the primary school responsible for your child is also the school of your choice, the conditions for admission are very good and cannot be improved any further. When registering for a school, however, you should comply with the registration deadline (usually end of October / beginning of November of the previous year). Late registrations are not treated as a matter of principle, but a delay can result in disadvantages.

On the other hand, problems can arise for you if you do not live within the enrollment area of ​​the primary school of your choice. In principle, parents have the right to vote, but this right is less developed. This is v. a. the mirror image of the legal admission priority granted to children from school. However, most primary schools still have free capacity after admitting the children from the schooling area, so that admission to the school of your choice is usually possible even without a place of residence in the schooling area. However, this does not apply equally to all elementary schools. At some particularly popular schools, the situation - excessive demand for school places by children from the primary school area - is so difficult that it is actually not possible to accept children who do not live in the catchment area, so that the existing entitlement to admission cannot then be enforced before the administrative court . However, only very few primary schools in Berlin are affected by this. You can find out more about this from me in an individual consultation.

Apart from these few exceptional cases, the admission of "non-school children" is possible at the request of the parents. However, since only a limited number of school places are available after the primary admission of the primary school children, a selection process must be carried out for these places if there is excessive demand. The criteria already mentioned above are decisive:

  • "Sibling" or "Impairment of a long-term, strongly developed bond"
  • Choice of school program / foreign language courses / (open or bound) full-day / half-day courses
  • essential support facilities

If the corresponding points come into consideration, it is worthwhile to look more closely at the details of the respective criterion, as the chances of success in the selection process can be positively influenced with appropriate justification. Since, according to the case law of the Berlin Administrative Court, subsequent "postponement of reasons" in the objection procedure is only possible in a few exceptional cases, I offer my clients individual advice in advance of registering for primary school to optimize the justification for the application. In this way, a later, lengthy dispute with the authority can either be avoided or at least the starting position for the objection or legal action against a rejection can be significantly improved.

I would be happy to advise you on all questions relating to the Berlin elementary school catchment areas. Make an appointment for a consultation!

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