What is Mismo XML Format

MISMO XML and AI Ready Supported Forms

Enhanced ENV files

Below is a list of forms that create Enhanced ENV files.

Form nameForm NumberENV type
URAR (UAD)Fannie Mae 1004
Freddie Mac Form 70
Enhanced ENV
Condo (UAD)Fannie mae 1073
Freddie Mac 465
Enhanced ENV
Exterior-Only Condo (UAD)Fannie mae 1075
Freddie Mac 466
Enhanced ENV
Exterior-Only (UAD)Fannie Mae 2055
Freddie Mac 2055
Enhanced ENV

When producing an AI Ready appraisal, you're really converting your report into an EPS file or an Enhanced ENV file. Enhanced ENV files are simply ENV files generated from a report containing one of the above UAD forms that produce a MISMO 2.6 GSE XML.

ENV files

If you need to create an ENV file, but don't need an Enhanced ENV, use any of the forms located in the AI ​​Ready section of the Contents window. Click here to visit the AI ​​Ready website and view a comprehensive list of all AI Ready forms. For more information on working with AI Ready reports, click here.

Any forms in your report marked with an orange ( ) are incompatible, and must be removed or swapped for a compatible version of the form.