How to Free Up Space on MacBook Air

Save space on Mac

Thomas crossbows

SSD drives are expensive, which is why Apple is skimpy on size. A few slimming cures then create additional space for the data.

Some Macs (especially the Macbook Air with the 64 GB data storage) lack storage space. Mac OS X and the iLife programs already occupy 15 GB ex works. However, some things that Apple preinstalled are rarely or never needed. This includes, for example, additional languages ​​in the operating system, as well as the Unix X11 environment and fonts for Asian languages. IDVD also makes little sense, especially on the Macbook Air, because there is no DVD drive. A lot of space can be saved by omitting the garage tape.

With a new Mac, it is therefore worth reinstalling the system and iLife programs and leaving out everything that is not needed. Since all data must be deleted for a new installation, you must first create a backup of the user folder or your own files if you have already created and saved documents.

It is also useful to consider when installing Office programs whether you need each of the applications. We also recommend that you don't save everything on your Mac. The music and film libraries ("media library") from iTunes and iPhoto, for example, can be shared with another Mac in the network, or the media libraries can be transferred to a network drive or an external hard drive. If the WLAN is not too slow, access also works wirelessly.

Remove fonts

After the system installation and the subsequent configuration, you can create a little more space by removing the Asian fonts from the folder " Library / Fonts The easiest way to do this is to display the contents of the folder as a list. By clicking on the "Size" column, you can now sort the fonts according to this criterion. As the Asian font files are the largest, they will be at the beginning in the list. You mark them and delete them. There are no problems with deleting them, because the fonts are not system fonts. Even the large font " Arial Unicode "can be removed, as they are usually not needed. This gives you around 250 MB of additional free space in total.