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Lyrics to 2010
2010 Video:

German rap suits me up to here, what's wrong with you guys?
A whole year full of releases just disappointed me.
Where the hell are your so-called hits on the denominator, it's nothing, just so-called crap, I'm fed up.
It's that simple, but she's not Raffens, it's ridiculous, even though it's nothing to laugh about, yes, it fucks the head.
Instead of doing it like me, no, because German rap is too stupid to poop. All sacrifices!
Not even your battles are fun!
Summer Cem and Reason .. - Kollegah and Laas ..
Die Schrödaz and Fard .. - The Schrödaz had a tough song, but because the shit was gone, Fard won.
Until you meet sometime, because then suddenly there is a shift in the shaft, let's see who's still kidding.
Make a seat and take a seat, yes Fiffi dis is the Bigboss area Fifty, I'll buy your girlfriend what she wants and the gang fucks her. This is what it looks like, it's gameover, you steal the Armani watch, I'll buy a Daytona
Speedmaster, Navitimer, Submariner, Bentley
I have Phillip Blind sew a shirt for the party, drive the Touareg, or should we take the Benz, it was given to me, yes, that's my fans.
So some didn't know then you know now, Siggismallz is the boss.

(Yeah, there wasn't very much going on this year alta, except for Almanci, Kopfdisco, John Bello 3, Jugo Betrugo, stress on the Kiez alta and what else just filth alta)

Ok, that's it, that was 2010
I still don't see more than a shit heap and that this has to be the last song for this year, it's clear because the best comes at the end.
I've listened to all of your albums, I'm interested in it, it feels like back then on the playground, you say something happens, it won't be enough, technology at its finest, absolutely no statement
a couple of records was fun, ??? like Mentos
Materia was quite good but he is definitely not the final boss.
and the BMWs want stress with us again
nevertheless I wish Anise a speedy recovery, what the heck!
This argument doesn't make sense anymore, I'm not a child anymore, I care more about my child,
and I say the main thing is that it flows well and makes sense
As well as Laas Unltd and his backpack thing.
Rappers rap about pounds, coke and honor killing
But detention warrant from frankfurt doesn't believe every word, other rappers go to mcfit and the poor grow wide. I say that steiger gets on his face was just a question of time.
and for the first time someone says harri I don't like it well that's how it is when you are tactis
oh i say if i didn't mention you i found you guys before i hear farid bang i hear money boy swag (NO HOMO)
I improve the world like a bono, and for that I buy myself a truth as a reward, it then lies in my apartment, like a lap dog, and I sit comfortably on my golden toilet and shit on you!

Well, that's it, that was 2010
i still can't see more than a shit heap and that this has to be the last song for this year. Isn't it okay because the best comes at the end.

Arrest warrant:

ahh warrant, oke,
I've been writing texts for 6 years, for 2 years in the rap game, since 2010 everyone has been celebrating H.A.F.T.
people who had me at the beginning run to media markt today and buy the cd in the store
I fuck every day because my groupis love me, look your cousin is sucking me one in Q7
I'm fine, I stopped trading, I'd rather hit hits and your mother heard her too, my tracks for 16 bars.de shoot everything away, I'll take everything away from you ´your flex and your cash.
and shortly thereafter came my city video
i overtook all of the predecessors, 2 million clicks, more than any other zsm.
yes man nate and haft are newcomer number 1
hamburg came back thanks to the stress on the kiez man
i bring the frankfurter shit out of titan.
whether an album azzlack stereotype warn the best beats man the best feature
the first with an accent original warrant
suddenly all rappers come up with the kanackenslang
you have been imitating me since only fakes i have the patent, everyone wants to be like me,
are disguised siggi, I don't interfere, with you and your ???, but fuck money boy, kanacks prefer to hear farid
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