How to take rui liquid tamox

Tamoxifen rejecters

Hello Steffi,

I can understand you well. had in dec. 2005 my op, with lymph node involvement. the guard knot was infected. as a result, 24 knots were removed from me. currently have lymphedema in the left arm. i should take tamoxifen right after the irradiation in mid-july 2006. I developed a total rejection because of the side effects. After long back and forth and repeated discussions with different doctors, I started taking tamoxifen about 7 weeks ago. At first everything was ok, but then came the damn frequent sweats. there was also an increase in weight. I also recognized nausea and head pressure as side effects. and I believe that an initial clouding of the eyes was also on the way. so i decided to stop taking the pill immediately for two days. I have an appointment with the oncologist on January 16, 2006 to discuss everything again. now I am more afraid again whether everything will come back or whether it will even start to scatter again.
maybe there are more people who can tell me something about it. I would be glad. thanks