How to Remove Word Cross References


Often the filling out of your document can consist of text copied from any internet source. This is a very convenient and quick method. However, sometimes there can be unpleasant surprises associated with a variety of text orientations. It can be divided into columns, each configured for a specific orientation, or it can be stretched completely across the width of the page or along the edges. When copied, the text can become uncomfortably distorted by stretching words and using incorrect and simply ugly translation of words and syllables.

How do I create a line break and get rid of these problems? There are several methods that we will examine and apply in detail.

Automatic hyphenation

If you find that the program used the automatic hyphenation feature, you can turn it off to put the text in the correct order. This function is located on the Page Layout tab. When you open it, you'll see an area called "Page Settings" where you can easily find the "Hyphenation" item. Select "No" there. After that, the words split between the lines return to their original state and the hyphenation simply disappears. If you want to activate this function, the procedure is of course similar. So there is a setting in Word 2007, 2010, 2013. If you are using 2003, you need to go to the "Menu", find the "Service" tab, and in it - "Language". Find and separate automatic placement there.

Set manual hyphenation

This option is more difficult, but you can decide for yourself which words are transmitted and how. You may have noticed that among the other parameters in the Hyphenation menu, the mode we were considering is Manual.

The advantage of this feature is that you don't even have to keep track of when and how the word is to be transmitted. The program determines how necessary it is. However, the choice is yours. In addition, you will find the division of the word by syllable in the active pop-up window. After you have finally decided which word to transfer and where exactly - all you have to do is click "OK".

Of course, you can write a text in which there is no carryover, although it all depends on its purpose. When entering special texts, e.g. B. books or brochures, the presence of a hyphenation is due to a number of special requirements for texts of this type.

I would also like to dispel your belief that you can arrange hyphenation yourself simply by using a hyphen between words. Most likely, this leads to a large number of misspellings and generally destroys the formatting of the document. We recommend that you use the feature described today and that it will make your job a lot easier as Word is a text editor that was originally created to help you.