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HistoryLove Story / P18 / Gen
Abarai RenjiOC (Own Character)
Renji x OC. Hinami is a recent graduate of the Shinigami Academy. To celebrate, she and her friends go for a drink. There she makes an interesting encounter with a man.
HistoryDrama, Tragedy / P18 / MaleSlash
Hitsugaya ToushirouIchimaru GinOC (Own Character)
Part 1: 1971, Toshiro is currently the 4th officer of the 10th Division, when his life suddenly turns upside down. The young Shinigami does not yet know for sure whether it is a change for the better when the new one begins to ask questions that should be left unanswered. [Toshiro, Gin, OC, Part 2: "Everything on Earth"]
HistoryFriendship / P6 / Gen
Hitsugaya ToushirouKurosaki Ichigo
(The author did not provide a brief description of this story.)
StoryLove Story / P16 / MaleSlash
Abarai RenjiGrimmjow JaegerjaquesHisagi ShuuheiKuchiki ByakuyaMuguruma KenseiUlquiorra Cifer
My favorite Christmas songs for my favorite Bleach characters. Beautifully Christmassy and sappy - have fun and merry christmas!
Short storyHumor / P12 / Gen
Abarai Renji Kuchiki Byakuya
How Byakuya is looking for Renji's lover and Renji is trying to get advice about his Taicho ...
HistoryDrama, Fantasy / P16 / MaleSlash
Kirina is a shinigami. She has a special power. That's why they thought she was a monster. But she's also an Uchiha and accidentally gets into the Naruto world and ... meets an Uchiha we know: Sasuke. Besides, she doesn't know that she had a previous life before her current one. But then a tragedy happens in her current life, which makes Kirina a completely different person. And that's why she wants revenge on her father.
HistoryPain / Consolation, Love Story / P16 / Gen
Kurosaki IchigoOC (Own Character)
In the early evening of October 31st, many children put on their ghost costumes to stroll through the neighborhood. For Cloe Jackson, however, this evening meant her death. That evening, accompanied by her two smaller siblings, she ran into a notorious serial killer. This meant death for the 18-year-old. For a long time she wandered through the human world, chained to them like iron chains. Until she finally got to a small town called Karakura Town, where she finally found her supposed salvation. (Ichigo x Oc)
Short story drama, love story / P16 / MaleSlash
Aizen SousukeGrimmjow JaegerjaquesNelliel Tu OdelschwanckNnoitra GilgaUlquiorra Cifer
OS collection, including my fan fictions. Chapter contents also on request. [Bleach AU, GrimmUlqui / NelNnoi and many more, drama, romance, comedy, music]
Poempoetry, tragedy / P12 / Gen
Small and short poems, the subjects of which struck me as interesting.
Hands-on storyAdventure / P12 / Gen
Hisagi ShuuheiHitsugaya ToushirouKuchiki ByakuyaKurosaki IchigoKyouraku ShunsuiOC (Own Character)
The commanders are desperate, the Shinigami are simply too strong and the result is a large overstaffing. A new unity will be born. You can find everything else here. [Registration closed!]
OneshotFriendship, Love Story / P6 / Gen
Inoue OrihimeKuchiki RukiaKurosaki Ichigo
[Ichigo x Rukia] Our two favorite fighters from the bleach universe Ichigo & Rukia. Everything seems the same. Will anything ever change between them? Are they finally developing a real friendship or are they feeling more for each other?
HistoryAdventure, Mystery / P16 / Gen
Ichigo's HollowKuchiki RukiaKurosaki Ichigo
The torments my demonic brother inflicted on me are a thing of the past. My life, repeated day after day, belongs to history. I've lost my friends, the most important people I know. Now I am in hell and wonder how long I can survive next to these demons and what the future has in store for me. But there is one thing I can rely on, no matter how desperate the prospect may be: Ichigo will be there for me, no matter how hopeless it may seem for me. [Continuation of: 'Demon Lord 1: Seduced by the Black King'] [AU: Supernatural-Style] [Demon-Ichigo]
Hands-on storyHumor, Fantasy / P16 / Gen
Aizen SousukeGrimmjow JaegerjaquesIchimaru GinKuchiki ByakuyaKurosaki IchigoOC (Own Character)
Registration closed !!!, Hollow Company, a new secret force that is responsible for Hueco Mundo, they are supposed to explore Hueco Mundo. but what if some Hollows spark in between and one or the other secret is revealed?
StoryAdventure, Supernatural / P16 / Gen
Aizen SousukeInoue OrihimeKurosaki IchigoOC (Own Character) Ulquiorra CiferUrahara Kisuke
A re-upload of an old story of mine that has had a lot of ideas lately. Junsuina Kuro is a perfectly normal girl; within a week she kills two people, realizes her life as empty, then she is killed herself and ends up in hell, and that's just the beginning. But read for yourself.
HistoryGeneral / P12 / Gen
Hitsugaya ToushirouKurosaki Karin
So the story is about Karin who is 18 years old and who only sees her brother after 5 years. (Ichigo had to stay after the fight against Aizen and after 2 years in the Soul Society) Unfortunately also a certain Tochio she never wanted to see again. (ToshiroxKarin)
HistoryHumor, love story / P12 / Gen
Kurosaki IchigoOC (Own Character)
A few years after Ichigo defeated Yhwach, a student appears who appears to be enormously strong. But nobody knows why.
HistoryFriendship, love story / P12 / Gen
Through an experiment by Aizen, Sakura loses her memories. After a few attempts, she manages to escape and comes to Karakura. But she only deals with the questions 'what you wanted from her' and 'who she was'. You can't take the answers from her. The knowledge of Uahara, Ichigo, Toshiro, Matsumoto, Ishin, Renji, Ikkaku, Yumichika and Amy themselves. However .. they can help. Especially Toshiro wants her to regain her memories. Why? Read for yourself; p
StoryLove Story / P16 / Gen
Abarai RenjiKurosaki IchigoOC (Own Character) Shihouin YoruichiTessai TsukabishiUrahara Kisuke
Miyu was found by Yoruichi as a young baby. This brought her to Kisuke, where she grew up. She could see ghosts even as a small child. So her childhood was not easy. Until she went to Karakura High School, everything changed there and that's where she met her first boyfriend. But that's not as easy as she thought. RenjiXOC
Chat / Interview / QuizHumor, Parody / P12 / Gen
Little funny moments about Bleach, which has a world full of secrets to do with the OCs of my MMFF Hueco Mundo./AIzen, who is always unlucky, Gin who feels an addiction to sweets, Kenpachi and Mayuri who destroy everything, the Ocs who always get into something and writer-sama who makes a lot of fun out of everything /
HistoryGeneral / P16 / Gen
Hikara Kaguya. An old childhood friend of Ichigo's. He used to be friendly and laughed a lot, but when she comes back to Karakura Town and his class, he can't explain what happened to his childhood friend. (First-person view, I'll try P-16, but I may also reset it to p12)
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