How Death Metal began




Current occupation
Karsten Jäger
Sebastian Swart
Harry Busse
Sotirios Kelekidis
Drums, keyboard
Marc Reign
former members
Carsten Otterbach († 2018)
Drums, keyboard
Rüdiger Hennecke
Marc Grewe (until 2014)

Concerts in Germany

Wacken 1995

Morgoth albums


1988: Pits of Utumno (Demo)
1989: Resurrection Absurd (EP)
1990: The Eternal Fall (EP)
1991: Cursed
1993: Odium
1996: Feel Sorry for the Fanatic
2005: Best of Morgoth (Best-of-Album)
2012: Cursed to Live (Live album and DVD)
2015: Ungod

Protector albums


1986: Protector of Death (Demo)
1987: Misanthropy (Atom H)
1988: Golem (Atom H)
1989: Urm the Mad (Atom H)
1990: Leviathan's Desire (Atom H)
1991: A Shedding of Skin (Atom H)
1993: The Heritage (Major Records)
1995: Lost in Eternity (Best-Of, Major Records)
2000: Ressurrected (demo)
2003: Echoes from the Past (Best-of, I Hate Records)
2005: Ominous Message of Brutality (I Hate Records)
2006: Welcome to Fire (Wroth Ermitter Records)
2010: Kain and Abel (Area Death Productions)
2011: The Return of Thrash and Madness
2012: In the Vein of Blackend Steel (Split-LP, Evil Spell Records)
2013: Merciless Metal Onslaught (Split-LP, GoatKult Symphonies)
2013: Reanimated Homunculus (High Roller Records)
2016: Cursed and coronated (High Roller Records)
2019: Summon the hordes (High Roller Records)