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Yps: The first “Yps” magazine appeared in 1975 - the best gimmicks

There were only three letters, but they were enough to create a whole new world: "Yps". On October 13, 1975, the first issue of the Inquisitive Child's magazine appeared, and Google dedicates a Doodle to it. “Yps” was an ordinary comic magazine, the highlight was the gimmicks - toys for three or four groschen that were enclosed with every issue.

Around 1250 of them have appeared to date, some even several times. They became cult objects of a childhood that still managed without a Playstation and the Internet. To learn to be amazed, that is how you learned. "Yps" was discontinued in 2000 and reissued in 2012 for the grown-up readers. Now “Yps” will be 40. A nice occasion to present the weirdest gimmicks.

The sticky gossip hand

It was a surefire tip to blow up any kid's birthday party. A hand made of goo hanging from a nylon string. You just had to throw them like a lasso at objects and they would stick to the clapping hand. Remote controls, reading glasses, memory cards, yes, if you weren't careful, even the glass with grandpa's teeth. Unfortunately, the adhesiveness of the gelatinous material deteriorated as crumbs and dust got attached to it. Or should one say: fortunately? As with all “Yps” gimmicks, it was a question of perspective.