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Ifttt Android App Review: How To Use It And How Good It Is 2021

A few months after launching on iOS, IFTTT (If This Than That) finally released its official app for Android yesterday. Yeah, pretty late for the party, but when Android users are feeling better, the app offers more extensive integration with the OS in Android than it does in their iOS app.

So today we will see what the app has to offer and how fruitful the wait really was.

Here's a quick introduction for those who lived under a rock and first heard the name IFTTT today: IFTTT is a popular online service that allows you to create trigger-based automated tasks that will run automatically for you when the conditions are met .

We've already covered an article on the service. Check this out and get familiar with it before trying the Android app.

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IFTTT for Android

So let's first install the IFTTT Android app from the Play Store. After the app is installed on your device, it does an initial configuration and automatically enables some of the channels for your account, including the following six new channels created specifically for Android:

  • Android device channel
  • Android Location Channel
  • Android notification channel
  • Android phone call channel
  • Android photo channel
  • Android SMS Channel

The app's home screen shows you a timeline view of your recent activities in the app. The app will also show you some of the trending and useful recipes on your tracked channel that you can activate with a single touch of a button.

Since the app has been in beta for a while, there are already many recipes available for activation. In the Search Recipe section, you can view a list of all features and trending recipes, or even search for a keyword. Now all you have to do is hit the Use Prescription button to activate it for your account.

To customize the recipe you need to navigate to the My Recipe section and tap on the one you want to edit. This is where you can customize the triggers and bottom line actions to suit your needs.

After you've edited the recipe, you can share it with the community for others to download and use.

Create a personal recipe

If you'd like to create your own recipe for an automated task, open the My Recipe section and tap the Add button. Now select the trigger that you want to use to call the recipe. There are many channels to choose from.

Finally, choose the last task to run when the action is done and save the task. And like any other IFTTT recipe, share it for others to follow.


So that was pretty much all there was to know about IFTTT for Android. There are many similar apps for Android that automate trigger-based tasks for the user. The only thing that makes IFTTT better than any other is its massive user base. There are already so many useful recipes out there. So, for a beginner, it doesn't really have to strain to create one manually since the opportunities you're looking for are already there.

Of course, we will take a detailed look at this Android app and learn more about the cool recipes that we can use sensibly. So make sure you keep an eye on this blog for more information on IFTTT for Android.