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Binoculars: the rules of the game simply explained

Binoculars is an old card game, the rules of which are not that simple. Still, you should give the old Swabian game a chance. With two to four players it can be played well in smaller rounds. We'll explain how to do it here.

The rules of the game of binoculars simply explained

In the variant with four players, you form two teams of two players each. A player is the scribe who notes the eyes, the points of the game. The winner is the first to reach 1000 points after a few games.

  • The game is played with 48 cards, but in some areas also with 40. With this variant you do not need the sevens. Basically you need two decks of cards, but not all of them.
  • The cards that you need twice of the four suits are the ace with 11 eyes, the ten with 10 eyes, the king with 4 eyes, the queen with 3 eyes, the jack with 2 eyes and the seven with 0 eyes.
  • If there are two players, each player receives 12 cards, one card is placed face down under the pile in the middle. With three players each receives 15 cards, three cards are placed face down in the middle (next to the talon). And with four there are 11 cards per player and four are placed face down in the middle.
  • The player to the right of the dealer may cut when the cards have been shuffled. The dealer then passes the cards counterclockwise to the players, paying attention to the correct distribution of the cards.
  • If there are two players, there are no cards in the middle (talon or dabb). You only have the pile from which the players draw a replacement for each card played. You have to do this every time so that the number of cards in your hand is always the same.
  • If there are three players, each player first receives five cards from the dealer, three more are placed face down in the middle. Then the players get another five cards plus another five more. The dealer gets the last five.
  • With four players it is similar to three. First the players receive four cards, four more are placed in the middle. Then there are four more for the players, plus another three. The dealer gets the last three again.

Binoculars: The values ​​of the pairs of cards

As in poker, you will also find message images with the binoculars that give you a different number of eyes. These are important in knowing how many eyes you already have and how many you can lose.

  • A pair consists of a king and a queen of the same suit and pays 20 pips (trump suit: 40).
  • A family consists of ace, ten, king, queen and booth of the same suit. This gives 100 points (trump suit: 150).
  • If you have two families of the same color, there are 1000 eyes in a double family.
  • A pair of each color, that is, king and queen, are circular, which gives you 240 eyes.
  • When the Queen of Spades and the Jack of Clubs are on your hand, you get 40 eyes. This is called a binoculars. You have a double binoculars with 300 eyes if you have this pair in hand twice.
  • If you have an ace of each suit, there are 100 pips.
  • A ten of any color gives no eyes.
  • A king of each color gives you 80 eyes.
  • A lady of each color brings you 60 eyes.
  • A jack of each color is worth 40 eyes.
  • The sevens in the trump suit give you 10 eyes.
  • And if you have all 8 cards of the same value, you receive 1000 points. But this does not include the tens.
  • If you report a reporting figure, you can only use part of it if this results in another figure. That doesn't apply if they want to put another king in a family to get a couple. This is only possible with a queen and a king.

How to Play Binoculars: The Six Steps

When all the cards have been dealt, you begin the game. This consists of about six steps, or actions that work as follows.

  • Step 1: Here you get an overview of your cards and check which pieces they have in hand. This is how you can calculate your eyes. It is best to sort your hand the same way - ideally by color and in descending order of the cards.
  • 2nd step: The bidding now begins with the player to the left of the dealer. He now reports the starting value of 150 eyes to his left neighbor, which he increases by 10. This goes on until one of them says "away". Then the next player increases until someone says "way". The giver is the last to be asked.
  • When all players are through, the player with the highest reported value receives the cards from the middle. So the player is the announcer. In this phase you can stimulate as far as your hand allows. This is why the eyes in the hand are important, but you should also be speculating on the cards in the middle.
  • The highest number of eyes is noted by the scribe. The player with this number must now reach at least as many eyes, or twice the number of his reported eyes will be deducted from his eyes.
  • 3rd step: This is where the trump comes in. The announcer may choose the trump suit. You can also choose a trump suit that you do not have in hand. But only in exceptional cases.
  • In this step, you as the announcer must also perform the push away. With the binoculars you must always have the same number of cards in hand. And since in step two you e.g. For example, if you picked up four cards from the middle, you must now discard any four cards. If you do not push away, you lose the game and your reporting points will be deducted twice.
  • Now the announcer lays his report cards openly on the table so that the other players can see them. Then the next player does the same thing until all players have revealed their meld pictures. The scribe then notes the eyes again.
  • If you play with four people, your eyes will be added to those of your partner. Later, the announcer's pressed cards are counted among the cards reached in the trick.
  • 4th step: Now the real game follows. All players take their cards back into hand. Now you play counter-clockwise. In the game, the highest card value determines the trick. A color must always be used. If that doesn't work, the trump card will be won. If two cards have the highest value, whoever played the card first takes the trick.
  • You have to beat the highest card, in the same suit or in trump. If that doesn't work, you can still play your card. Only then will they not get a sting.
  • 5th step: Each player collects his tricks face down. The player who takes the last trick gets ten eyes.
  • Now, if you are the announcer, record all of your tricks and count the eyes that result. If the number is equal to or higher than the number of irritated eyes, you will be credited with the eyes. The clerk then notes this number and checks whether you have already got over 1000 eyes.

  • If the announcer has reached his announced eyes, his eyes expire and the value from the beginning is deducted twice. His teammates who didn't take a trick only got their eyes painted.
  • 6th step: You win the game when you are the first to reach 1000 points, for which you will need about 3-6 games.

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