How to make an airsoft gun

Modify the mini ZT456 pistol into an airsoft pistol - in 6 steps | 2021

Thanks to bunduk for the original Mini ZT456!
Thanks to the extreme builder for the magazine!
This is a modification of the Mini ZT456 Kn'ex weapon! Stop complaining about bad pictures, I won't show you how to make the weapon, you have to FIRST build the Kn'ex weapon and then use it to modify it.
Fires 6mm airsofts and BBs.
1. Gun without magazine
2. With Mag


Step 1: make the magazine

Very easy.

Step 2: firing pin and start of the run

1. Take off before the run
2. Process the firing pin

Step 3: new barrel

1.Add these,
2. & 3. Do this
4. Attach as follows.

Step 4: making the pump

1. & 2. Do this
3. Attach as follows.

Step 5: use Mag

1. & 2. Append like this.

Step 6: rubber bands

Then all you have to do is add rubber bands if necessary. You should know how it works.
Have fun and be careful!