How to extract files for games

How do you know if something needs to be extracted?

@ Ghostdriver007

In my opinion, this .cab file is an update that needs to be installed.

I use "cab.reg", a registry entry that appears in the context menu when the .cab file is clicked with the RIGHT mouse button, see screenshot:

I'll attach a ZIP folder that contains the REG file (source can no longer be traced):

Download the ZIP folder, then click with the RIGHT mouse button and e.g. extract it in a new folder on the desktop and click on "CAB.reg" with the RIGHT mouse button, then click on "Merge" and confirm the question with "Yes".

So you can install downloaded .cab files without any problems.

Windows 10 does not necessarily need an unpacking program as it can extract ZIP files.

I am happy to receive feedback on whether it worked.




  • Install CAB
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