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astrology is the doctrine that deals with the celestial bodies and, due to their positioning in the universe, have a certain effect on all other objects and beings in the universe. Ideally, an astrologer can predict circumstances and their development from the position of the planets.

Brothers of Limburg: Homo signorum (person with zodiac sign) from the manuscript "Très Riches Heures" by the Duke of Berry (1412–1416), Chantilly, Musée Condé

Astrology intuitive - the inner planetary conference

Transcript of a podcast (2014) by Sukadev

Today I want to talk about the Conference of Planets. We are in this area right now, that you see the different powers and abilities in you and that you recognize from different perspectives that you have so many great abilities, so many great helpers, so many great ministers, co-workers, family members, whatever you want to express it. You don't need to be afraid of anyone, everyone means well, everyone wants to help you. It is only when you ignore one that it will manifest. It will manifest itself through emotions such as anger, fear, depression, envy, jealousy, greed, it will manifest through addictions, through uncontrollable actions. It will manifest itself through destructiveness, also through lack of energy, etc.

Accept and value shares

It is important that you recognize your parts in you, that you appreciate them and that you appreciate them and let them have their say. By paying attention to the different parts of you, letting them have their say, you can come to more serenity. You don't need to be afraid of anything within yourself, nor do you really need to be afraid of the inner parts of others. You can very well be afraid of what people do and then defend yourself, you can very well get involved in everything, but there is no evil in you or in others. In you there are only all sorts of good powers and abilities, and so in the course of time systems have developed in different cultures that classify the different parts.

And one possibility is, you look at them in the different situations: What do they say about you? What do they say to you How do they communicate with each other? And today want to talk about the system of the seven planets. Actually one should say of the seven movable celestial bodies, the celestial bodies that are movable in relation to the earth, because these include the sun and the moon, which in the narrower sense are not planets in the modern sense, but in the astrological sense both in the classical astrology in the west, as well as Indian astrology. There is the sun and the moon, a pair of opposites. Venus and Mars is a second pair of opposites. Jupiter and Saturn is a third pair of opposites. And Mercury as the seventh, the connecting one. You can see all seven working in you. Anyone who is familiar with astrology will perhaps know a lot more about it, and of course, individual people also have the individual planets in them to different degrees, but ultimately everyone has all seven in them.

And it can be helpful to become aware of these seven in certain situations. Or if you notice that something is strange somewhere, then you can also look: "Ah, this planet is at work right now." In Greek, as well as in Sanskrit, i.e. in Indian, the planets are not just celestial bodies viewed, but as gods and angels and as forces in man. They work on the outside and they work on the inside. They are inside you and they step towards you from the outside. And sometimes external events come to make one of those planets or two or three within you grow stronger. Well, let's go through these seven.

The seven "planets"

The sun stands for rays, the sun stands for going outside, stands for making a difference, the sun stands for being active. Sometimes you find that something inside you really wants to make a difference. You want to take center stage. Like a sun that shines and makes others shine, brings to life. This sun is in you too. The moon, or actually one should say the moon. The moon is considered female in most cultures. In the case of the sun, one should rather say "the sun god", who is often considered male, but these are gender stereotypes that can also be seen the other way around. So, the moon stands for receiving, stands for being sensitive, stands for feeling connectedness, love, stands for letting emotions, feelings speak, while the sun often stands for ratio.

The next pair of opposites is Mars and Venus. They are quite similar to the sun and moon. But Mars, one can say, is like the somewhat focused sun. Mars stands for tackling something, asserting yourself, even against resistance, getting started. Mars is also considered the god of war. I am a peaceful person and do not want any wars to arise, but it is also good to live this Mars principle within yourself. There is something to be addressed. Sometimes you have to assert yourself, sometimes against resistance, sometimes you have to get started. Sometimes the Venus principle is also popular. Venus stands for beauty, enjoyment, love, femininity, nature - just be and enjoy. Venus can also be cosiness, it can be sensual.

Next polarity is Jupiter and Saturn. In Indian astrology Jupiter is the guru, the teacher, in Greek astrology Jupiter is Zeus, the ruler of the gods, the king of the gods, the father of gods. Jupiter symbolizes the expansive, the expanding, the connecting, the teaching. Jupiter can also mean that you want to teach others something. It can also mean that there is someone in you who wants to reach out to others. Jupiter can also mean that you want to be a leader, that you want to support others, that you want others to develop well. And the other pole to Jupiter is Saturn. Saturn is the contractor, discipline, the skeptic who sees hollowness, avoids superficiality, wants to lead back to spirituality, to the origin, to the divine, who wants to cut off everything that is not divine, who also wants to discipline others, who to rules exists and wants rules to be followed. Saturn is a very important aspect that ultimately also accepts suffering and takes it as an important principle.

Then there is Mercury. Mercury as the seventh planet that brings everyone together. He is the linker, he is also the trader, he is the weigher, the communicator, he is considered to be the messenger of the gods. What can you do with it now if you know that now? Well, you can also think for yourself: Suppose you are a member of an association, you are on the board of an association, and there are problems somewhere. The members don't really get involved, you feel frustrated, you always have to pull the cart out of the mud, you don't know how to go on. What should you do? You can now call a planetary conference within you, or a conference of gods, or a conference of planetary gods, whatever you want to call it.

Take planets into account when making decisions

Mosaic with signs of the zodiac from the 6th century in the synagogue in Beth Alpha, Israel

First of all you can ask: “Sun, what do you mean?” You can also ask: “Now is the time to really shine, to give an enthusiastic speech, to go outside, to be active about them Greatness to talk about what is going on in the club, is it possible? ”Or maybe a moon phase is in now. Maybe listen, maybe convene a round table and maybe start it with something nice, maybe hug each other at the beginning or form a large circle, look at each other and do a bit of meditation, or just let everyone have their say. You can form a circle, in Indian there is the talking stick, you let a holy stick or a special stick go around or just the word go around, everyone can say something. Or is the Venus principle popular? Enjoying, maybe also enjoying what has been achieved, or doing something beautiful together. Instead of being active again right now, just have a small party. Or maybe the Mars principle is popular.

Maybe there are a blocker or two. You can think about the two blockers, should you expose them publicly? Should you say, "Either you, or either them or me." To do it there, to really fight. Or maybe there is another candidate for the board of directors who says, "Yes, here we go." Maybe the Jupiter in you wants to say something about it. “Jupiter, what's going on? Should I teach something? Should I reach out to others? Should I be connecting? Should I assume the leadership role there in this sense? Am I maybe the guru? Is the trend now perhaps that I take on this guru role, this teacher role? ”Or Saturn, in the sense of, contract, discipline, skeptic. “Should I give others a lecture? Should I perhaps withdraw too? ”That too can be Saturn. “Do you just mean that your time in the club as a senior member is over and you have to withdraw? Or should it tell everyone that it is time to reflect, it is time to get out of the expansion? We have to go back to our roots. We have to see what we have done that we should perhaps leave. We have to go with our corporate identity, or we have to withdraw to our core competency. ”That’s all Saturn.

You could say this crisis is a chance to get back to the roots of who we really are. And of course Mercury: “Should it be something more connecting? On the contrary, should we expand a little? Should we reach out to other groups? Should we perhaps cut off some old braids? Should we communicate with others? ”You can think about all of this and so, just by letting everyone have their say, your intuition will suddenly notice:“ Yes, there are many alternatives. ”Serenity also means a certain freedom. Serenity also means getting away from constraints. Serenity also means trusting your intuition, trusting the divine.

You can spend the next week thinking about whether this conference of the seven planets can be helpful to you. It can be helpful both internally, but you could also think about it in the family, for example, when important family matters are discussed. You can also address these seven if you have a leadership role in a political party or in a club or at work or in a work group. Wherever people are together, it can help to consider at a certain stage which of these seven there could be. There is even the playfulness that everyone in a group can represent one of these seven planets. They can all have their say and they can all say something.

When everyone says something, nothing remains unsaid and nothing needs to remain under the surface, yet no one ultimately needs to manifest as rebel or as irrational fears or as blockers or addictions, etc. Everyone has their place. And although everyone has their place, you always keep in mind, you are the immortal self, you are Satchidananda, you are being, knowledge and bliss, not attached to anything, not identified. Just by being playful with different concepts, you don't get stuck, but you realize that there are many ways in which you can see your inner world. There are many ways to structure it. There are many ways that you can relate to yourself. And by acknowledging it in this way, you can have greater serenity, fewer identifications, and still be committed and energetic in life.

Audio - inner planetary conference

Yoga and astrology

- An article from the Yoga Vidya Journal No. 39, II / 2019 by Joerg Arjuna Wingen -

Astrology and yoga have some things in common. Both are ancient sciences from the times of the high cultures of enlightenment.

Yoga of weaving

Life is coagulation: between the delicacy of the soul (s), the world soul and its physical, earthly expression, there is a constant coming and going. For example, if we look at the chakras (vital centers, energy wheels, fusion points in the energy body), we recognize

7. The shapeless, eternal (Sahashara, the thousand-petalled crown)
6. Space (Ajna, the supervisory authority, the prism), which is the
5. Sound (Vishuddhi, the pure / cleansing) fills. This (potential) sound or ether coagulates
4. Air and everything gaseous (anahata, middle / the sound that doesn't need a stop). Gas becomes too
3. Fire and everything burning or radiant (Manipura, the city of jewels, the glow). Radiance becomes liquid, among other things too
2. Water, (Svadhisthana, the self-seat) and liquid becomes solid, too
1. Earth (Muladhara, the root).

If we look at the human body, the soul manifests itself in different stages into the earthly

5. the causal (anandamayakosha, the one veiled by bliss),
4. the “applied” form in intuition, wisdom and power of distinction (Vijnanamayakosha, fine spirit shell). This “higher spirit” in turn becomes
3. Emotions and thoughts (Manomayakosha, spiritually feeling). Condensed into a concrete
2. Energy field (Pranamayakosha, the one veiled with vital energy), felt and measured, has formed the basis for acupressure and energetic healing for thousands of years and is also an integral part of the view of shamanism. From this part the
1. Physis (Annamayakosha, the one covered by cloth), which is saturated with all these mentioned levels.

Yoga of the Gods

As inside, so outside; As above, so below. Always the above that gives and the below that takes: Yang (expelling) and Yin (entering) and yoga in fact around it or behind it, over and through - in the Chinese understanding the Dao or Tao (the way, the whole ) - as a merged, harmonious whole, all-enlightened or integrated. And it is the same in heaven itself, within heaven. This consists of:

  • the universe as a whole
  • on a smaller scale, the galaxies in it
  • in turn there exist numerous solar systems and of course
  • “Our” sun - and the stars directly around it.

In earlier times these forces were worshiped in the form of gods: temples of modern times in Greece and Italy, but also in India and of course Egypt, Central and South America (which today hardly anyone understands how they are actually built, let alone were used) testify to this.

To this day, these gods are actually active forces in persona: especially in celestial or star form. We all know the external (i.e. exoteric) effects of stars: the seasons, sea tides, natural events, light evetera. But only esoterically, i.e. directed inwards, is the true value of astrology revealed. As a science and art of interpretation, it can be used in a psychological context: Psychology that makes use of the heavenly, i.e. galactic, solar system archetypes, moods, inner images and patterns ecetera of the stars, the "gods". Penetrating and surpassing western psychological knowledge, astrology also gives us access to, for example, the sensual, constitution / dosha (nature, type), body structure, temperament, ecetera, right up to mental attitude, animate and non-sensual experience - through a direct view of relevant forces - and, what it is prominent for, to understand the zeitgeist and the timing of events in life such as pregnancy / birth, marriage, relocation or starting a business.

Yoga of Understanding / Approach

The images of the zodiac, the “galactic mantle”, are those of our collective subconscious. They show the basic tensions and solutions of all life on earth. At the same time, these images are representatives of our mythology, because the entire history of the world and thus of humanity is recorded in the sky as a framework or foundation.

The stars are the players on this background or coat, regardless of whether Hindu with Lakshmi and Co, Germanic with Thor and Co., ancient Greek with Zeus and Co. or in the so numerous corresponding figures of other high cultures. The stars, sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn weave individual images for every moment. So they are also an expression of the collective subconscious. We all know them as concrete "players" or characters, for example from the subconscious such as dreams or fairy tales: the hero, the princess, the old sage, the witch, etc.

The stars show us what is happening, which play is performed with which players in which constellation on which stage (zodiac, galaxy).

As important principles of astrology there are also:

a. the houses or fields: From the relationship between earth and sun or the sun's rotation, these twelve fields show where energy coagulates, where the levels of what and how have an effect, which forces (stars) how (zodiac) in the “spaces “(Homes) of children, finances, careers, health and all other areas of life. Keep coming
b. the relationships, so-called aspects, which the stars enter into. Stars can attract, repel, “close together” or be isolated / isolated and so on.
A graphic example: The opening of Maha Meru April 7, 2019, 10:00 a.m., in Horn-Bad Meinberg

My congratulations at this point for a very auspicious opening and ongoing charisma! For example, Jupiter (pink), the "lucky planet" or guru (master teacher) on the right edge of the picture (in Sagittarius, house 7) is strong, especially for relationships in Maha Meru. Shortly after the new moon in this phase, the sun and moon show a breeding ground for or budding community (house 11). On the left edge of the circle, Mars (red) appears strong from the zodiac sign (Taurus, here an image like a powerful plow in the earth), especially in isolation or in a special or remote place (house 12).

Basically a very outwardly directed and radiant constellation in which all the stars are in the upper half (outer world) of the picture.

Following the principle of give and take - which is exactly like “like above, so below” and “like inside so outside” - it also means that this space as a whole dances with time, goes hand in hand with time: this is the only way to make sense.

Astrology, the art and science of the language of the stars in time, recognizes the essence of forces in time, i.e. the zeitgeist.

Yoga of tidying up

Astronomy gives Siddhis (higher mental faculties), gives power. Coupled with wanting to make commercial copies - that is, to sell - astrology has become watered down, banal, cut off and even discredited. Today she shares the fate of some other pure, beautiful, perfect arts and sciences. In astrology in particular, there is also the increasing so-called “light pollution of the night” or, ultimately, everything “climate manipulative” in general that removes people (felt, seeing) from star contact: especially in the (spiritually) so important phases of twilight and the night.

That the heavenly forces as well as the time, but the zeitgeist must nevertheless work - because that is their original nature, their meaning, purpose, essence, their task and their higher spirit - remains true. That's good to know. It is like in yoga: experience is good, conscious experience is better; especially if you want to reach the highest.

Good astrologers as witnesses and interpreters of this primeval nature and its beings stand far from the tabloids and other empty shells and mere show stages.

They have also integrated and overcome all attempted disruptions in astrology. Lies have "short legs", truth is perpetual, is eternal.

The freedom of choice here - what do I choose, and do I choose at all? Dealing with this treasure is very ethical. This freedom of choice leads to God, is in him. Stars and time do not leave you alone: ​​They illuminate your path and give you dowry.

Yoga of Enlightenment

Yoga in this sense is also an invitation: your way.

Today yoga and astrology are probably the only major disciplines that have been completely systemically, scientifically and artistically handed down from "once", the time of the ancient high cultures1, to enlightenment.

They offer you a closed (complete, proven) and at the same time open (flexible, new welcoming) system that has worked for millennia, gives gifts to billions of people and keeps producing masters. Even at the beginning of our modern times, both systems were fully developed. Good advice is not necessarily defining or restricting, but rather it broadens your horizons. Not a deterministic “that's how it has to be”, but an awareness of strength and its development, its task and therefore salvation. It shows you possible tendencies, names your topics in a sentence or picture and tells you what your chances are with this and that2

See also


  • Frawley, David: Astrology of the Seers, The Great Introduction to the Spiritual and Yogic Basics of Vedic Astrology, Windpferd: 2003.
  • Great Handbook of Vedic Astrology

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