How many tablespoons are 30 g of corn flakes

Typical portion sizes are this big

How many grams do you count per serving of pasta? How big is an average piece of meat or a fish fillet? The portion sizes of various foods are very different and vary between "a handful" - for example for nuts - and around 200 grams - for example for vegetables.

Good advice is dearly when the talk is of "a portion" somewhere. We give an overview of typical portion sizes.

Warm meal weighs between 400 and 550 grams

First of all: a warm main meal consisting of fish or meat, vegetables and a carbohydrate side dish such as pasta or potatoes weighs on average between 400 and 550 grams, which is what makes most people feel full. The calorie content of course depends on the food and the method of preparation.

Average portion sizes: