How I got to know your mother German

Does anyone know good series & lpar; similar to "How did I meet your mother" & rpar; & quest;

I'm explicitly looking for similar series, such as "How I met your mother". Does anyone know of series that would fit well into this genre? Series like "Two and a half men", "The Big Bang Theory", or "Malcolm Mittendri"

How did I meet your mother & comma; in which episode Barney Robin admits his love & quest;

I'm looking for the name of the episode in which Robin and Barney are talking and Barney ends a sentence with "I love you" in the middle of a conversation. Robin fails to hear that he was serious and just keeps talking. This is season

"How did I meet your mother" joke wanted & quest;

I just watched an episode of "How i met your mother" and Barney told a joke. "What's the difference between peanuts and jam", he asked Lilly, but they didn't show the answer. Maybe knows

How did I meet your mother & quest; Where & quest;

I always look at everything here - That almost never loads.

How did I meet your mother - the playbook & quest;

Could someone please write all of the episodes in which a scam from the playbook is shown? Thanks in advance:) Nope, because in principle a lot of episodes in flashbacks are again about the playbook and the brocode. A good link i

What is the name "How did I meet your mother" & quest;

Question is above. Is it really "Hey Beautiful" because it sounds completely different? From 03:08 min: D

How did I persuade my mother & comma; finally to smoke in the room

So it is like that, I am not allowed to smoke in the room but always have to go on the balcony. Problem: In winter Iises pigs cold and in summer the sun hits you that makes you dizzy. And it doesn't eat as if it would make her

Life later like How did I meet your mother & quest;

Hi, I'm 15 and I wanted to ask how adult social life is later. Are you in a bar for a few hours almost every evening and hanging out with your friends? Is it easy to set up a one night stand at parties?

How did I meet your mother joke HELP

Hello, I just watched an episode of HIMYM and it shows Ted telling a joke that starts with: "What do you get when you cross a parrot with a lawnmower?" The punch line is not revealed. I-who knows where to get the f

How did I meet your mother - what's the point & comma; to break out of the well & quest;

One episode of HIMYM towards the end is about breaking out of your own personal well. You can see Ted and Robin sitting at the bottom of a dried up well and finally freeing themselves from it. For this purpose, e

How did I get to know your joke & quest;

Hey, in one episode of HImym, Barney tells a dirty joke at the beginning. But the Poante is not revealed ... So the beginning is: "What is the difference between peanut butter and jam?" Does anyone know what to do next ??? Works

How should I tell my mother about my internet friend & comma; if I know exactly & comma; what it thinks & period; & period; & period; & quest;

My mother finds everything related to internet friendships and social networks very questionable. She is against having her own Instagram account, against Twitter, against everything with social networks and contact with people in d

How do I get my mother & comma; to buy me a chocolate ticket & quest;

Hey, I'm 15 and I'd like to get a chocolate ticket. I met someone there that I would like to see more often. 1 hour train ride could be expensive in the long run, so I want to buy a chocolate ticket for 35 € but how br

How do I get my mother into psychiatry & quest;

Hello first, I know there are already questions like this, but I wanted to describe my situation in detail because this is a very serious topic. My mother has been mentally ill for a long time, but has never really done anything about it

How do I get my mother & comma; to allow me a dog & quest;

I've wanted a dog for ages now and my father would allow me one. Just not my mother. By the way, I am on all the answers that will say: you are probably not mature enough and a dog means a lot of work

How do I tell my mother & comma; that I can find these clothes & quest;

I think 95% of my clothes are ugly. Not least because I've had some of these for 3 years and just because I just can't grow, I can still wear them. Sorry, but in the 9th you no longer wear clothes from the 5th / 6th! or?!?

How can I convince my mother & comma; me to buy a new winter jacket & quest;

It will soon be winter again and I would like (F / 14) a new winter jacket from Hollister (this is not a placement) for 85 euros. Now comes my mother's argument: You already got a new jacket for Skilandheim b last year

Pill & comma; how can I tell my mother & quest;

Hello, I am now 12 years old in a few days 13. (I am quite mature for my age) I would like to take the pill, how can I explain this to my mother without saying that I want sex? quite a lot

How should I explain to my mother & comma; that she has to go to the ophthalmologist again

So I once told my mother that I can't see very well in the distance, then we went to the ophthalmologist and he found -0.25 and -0.5. With my mother, the topic was gone: low visual impairment = no glasses = ready