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Hartz and warm - in 2020 the residents of the Benz barracks will have to cope with two deaths. Fans make serious accusations against the daughter of a dead woman.

For five years, the social documentary “Hartz and cordial” from the Benz barracks in Mannheim has been an integral part of the afternoon program on RTLZWEI. No other “Hartz and cordial” series has managed to inspire so many viewers. This is of course due to the unique residents and the cohesion of the neighborhood in the former workers' estate. Because of this great success, TV favorite has and father of eight Elvis even got his own web series on Facebook, in which he talks about current topics and keeps his fans up to date about his life in the Benz barracks. At the beginning of 2020, i.e. before the start of the corona pandemic, the concept of the program “Simply Elvis” looked very different.

The Mannheimer visited interesting places and people and was accompanied by a camera team. The 48-year-old got to know the junkyard legends, also known as Ludolfs, drove to the Berlin Angels, paid a visit to the Mannheim animal shelter and figured out an escape room.

Hartz and cordial: Johann († 54) from the Benz barracks dies after a long illness

But already to Start of RTLZWEI filming in March 2020 Not only did the outbreak of the corona pandemic overshadow the everyday life of Benz Barracks residents, but also the first death of the year. Johann from the Green Block of the Benz Barracks is dead. A neighbor found him lifeless in his apartment on the morning of March 25th. "It was to be expected that it would come to this at some point", says Katrin."It was as thin as the tree in front of my house"Beate seems to have taken Johann's death very much: “I kind of liked him, he was a poor soul. To hear from now on that he died is funny. He was very lonely. "

The years before that, the good soul of the Benz Barracks Dagmar had devotedly cared for the alcoholic Johann, who because of someone End-stage cirrhosis of the liver had to be hospitalized before. "Now it's finito, he's dead ... now he's made it"says Dagmar resignedly. Since Dagmar, who has lung disease, is at risk of corona, she could hardly take care of Johann in the weeks before. Months after Johann's death, Dagmar receives a surprising call from his son Kamil.

Hartz and cordial: Christa from the Benz barracks is also dead

In the summer of 2020, the Benz barracks residents will have to cope with the next death: Christa, Petra's mother has died. Christa did not have an easy life in her life. In 2019, her landlord registered her own use for her apartment, the 67-year-old does not know where to turn and becomes homeless. It does come temporarily at Gudrun and Michael under in Mannheim city center under, but does not want to be a burden to them. "I want to be alone now", she informs Dagmar in the "Hartz and cordial" episode "Am Scheideweg".

She tries one Apartment on the first floor in the Benz barracks. She can no longer walk the stairs because of two herniated discs. Because Gudrun lost her foot, her apartment in the city center is handicapped accessible. However, Dagmar would have liked more commitment from Christa's daughter Petra. "When the poop is steaming, then they no longer need the mothers" - and that although Christa always devotedly takes care of her grandchildren. "She goes out into the fresh air with them, takes them to kindergarten".

Hartz and cordial: Fans make Christa's daughter Petra serious allegations

After the news of Christa's death on Facebook in the summer, many fans of the show regret the death of the pensioner - and make serious accusations to daughter Petra. “Always jumped when the daughter needed her. But when she lost her shelter, there was no daughter for her. Rest in peace dear Christa ", according to a Facebook user. Many remember how Petra told her mother that she has no place for herwhen she became homeless. And that with a 4-room apartment.

Another Facebook user remembers that Petra criticized her mother for taking so long to go shopping. When Christa tells her that she is not doing well, she replies that she couldn't help it. “Then she sent Christa down to the cellar with the purchases. Pat her head and say good putt putt. At the latest then I would have popped her ", so the user. Many fans of the show hope that Petra will reconsider her behavior by now at the latest: "My sincere condolences. Now Petra might wake up and notice what she had in her mother ", reads a comment under the Facebook post.

According to RTLZWEI is Christa died of heart failure. She also had a long history of diabetes without regular insulin injections. In 2019 she promised to take more care of her health in the future. Christa's grandsons in particular suffer from the loss. They couldn't even say goodbye to their grandma at the funeral. The reason: Nobody knows where Christa's grave is.

Hard and warm: Benz Barrack fan with cancer dies

in the December, the eight-time father Elvis is shaken again by a death. A loyal fan, Ilona, ​​died shortly after visiting the Benz barracks. The last Desire of the woman with cancer it was to get to know Elvis personally. "I'm not so into dying and death and all that. Especially when you get to know someone personally "explains the resident of theBenz Barracks. He hoped that his visit would slow down the course of her illness - unfortunately in vain. (kp)