If she ignores her misfiring

With video: PS anarchy at the Arneitzparkplatz - mask requirement largely ignored

You could call it anarchy, what happened on Wednesday evening in the almost fully occupied large parking lot at Arneitz. Almost no one adhered to the mask requirement, and there were non-stop misfires. Heavy rain brought the PS party to an end for the time being.

The PS fans don't make it easy for you: On the one hand, whole families with children including GTIs arrived on Wednesday on the car trailer. Many of the sports car fans also storm inns such as “Fruhmann” or the pizzeria “Giuseppe’s”. On the other hand, on Wednesday only a tiny fraction of PS and party fans at Arneitz adhered to the mandatory mask requirement. In addition, loud misfires rang out across the entire parking lot from 6 p.m. to shortly before 10 p.m.

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The mask requirement turned out to be a farce on the first day of its validity. The authorities were noticeably reluctant to carry out controls, relying - as communicated in advance - on friendly instructions. Employees of a private security company took over this job at the Arneitzparkplatz. The crux of the matter: The employees were busily handing out masks, but almost none of the hundreds of GTI fans (the Arneitz parking lot was almost completely full on Wednesday evening for the first time of this year's PS season, note) used them.

There is extensive reference to the mask requirement © KRM

One GTI fan said, for example: "If the police come, there'll be a blow." Another said: "Corona likes GTIs and not Harleys, that's for once." Soothing words from the security staff didn't help either, who kept saying: "Please put on masks, the authorities are on their way."

The parking lot was already full in the early evening © KRM

Misfires and dangerous situations
It also cracked loudly. The cause: the deliberately initiated misfires that are so feared by local residents. The DRAUSTÄDTER learned from a tourism entrepreneur: “A guest asked us where the military training area was. He was not aware of the custom of misfiring. ”In traffic there are also dangerous scenes between cyclists and the horsepower fans. “We want the cyclists here, we are doing a lot to ensure that they come. Then they come and suddenly find themselves in the middle of the turbo curve, ”says Faaker See tourism director Michaela Tiefenbacher. Car enthusiasts have a sense of humor, however. There was thunderous applause for cyclists pedaling past the Arneitz.

A thunderstorm stopped the PS party © screenshot / video

Thunderstorm put an end to the party
Petrus evidently had an understanding of these concerns: A thunderstorm that set in at around 10 p.m. put an abrupt end to the party mood at the Arneitz car park. At the weekend, however, the weather should remain stable. "We are scared. It has never been so bad here, ”said another resident who turned to DRAUSTÄDTER.

The fans lined the street along the “turbo curve” © KRM


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