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Is the word SNOWBALL allowed in Scrabble?

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snow shaped into a ball
Botany a shrub with white umbels from the genus Viburnum
smaller solid ball of snow, shaped by hands
plant growing as a shrub (reddish) white flowers, often in spherical umbels; Snowball bush


Precipitation in the form of ice crystals
inf. cocaine
the random electrical noise in television images
short for Egg whites; beaten egg whites
Surname, surname


spherical object made of soft material
the way this is played
festive event, social event usually with dance
Last name, family name
  • Word separation:
    • Ball, Plural Balls
    • Ball, Plural Balls
  • Word form:
    • Synonyms:
      • Austrian Laberl, jargon for ball games ball, pill, jargon for football leather, jargon for basketball and football egg, in the children's language Kullerball, punch, shot, throw, dance evening, dance festival, dance event, dance fun, colloquially Schwof, dance


    Anatomy padded areas of skin on the limbs
    Loose goods that have been tied together for transport, usually with a certain weight or volume
    colloquial alcoholic intoxication
    • Word separation:
    • Word form:
    • Synonyms: