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Much and long searches, sorted, written, deleted, lost, found and sorted around this list of 100 very good ones status-Create messages for WhatsApp and Facebook. Since there are not only creative pearls, but also empty phrases, they were extensively evaluated, classified, reprimanded, appraised, honored and praised.
Regardless of the social network: there are lots of ideas and inspirations about yours here FacebookProfile or yours Whatsapp-Adjust the status to the respective mood: sometimes happy and funny, sometimes sad and sometimes totally crazy - there are no limits to the variety and individual selection. After this little preface, here is the proud result of the best status reports:

WhatsApp status sayings

The new ones first

I came, saw and forgot what I was up to.

I am gentle as an angel, but possessed by the devil!

Employed as charged.

Let's play "shut up", you go!

I already have enough stress with my hair.

I'm not fat, my stomach is just 3D.

To everyone who never believed in me and said that I would never become anything. I am now the admin of a WhatsApp group!

I am now at an age where the next day the body whispers very softly in your ear: Never, never do that again.

You don't give good friends a kiss, you give them the WiFi password.

Show those who want to see you fall that you can fly without wings.

Relationships / love / friendship

A lid fits on every pot. Until then, there's cling film!

It's supposed to rain red roses for you. With vases!

This contact has blocked you.

Who wants me?

Last activity: Dragons killed. Relationship status: Single again.

Too stupid for love!

I'm not for the faint of heart!

Nowadays, feelings are only for the very brave.

Boys are like Easter bunnies: sexy, charming and intelligent. But who believes in the Easter Bunny?

I'm just waiting for you.

Bullied by Amor.

My heart is temporarily closed for renovation.

I don't want the princess, I'll take the castle!

A message from you. A smile from me!

NEW address: Cloud No. 7!

I don't want just anyone, I want the man / woman for life!

To be given in good hands.

Anyone who posts something like: "I'm hard to find, easy to lose" reminds me of my socks!

I do not want to write with you. I want to be with you.

Relationship status: I lie diagonally in bed.

Just the thought of you puts a smile on my face.

I want someone who loves me and not just someone who needs me not to be alone.

You still haven't chosen me, you are just satisfied with me.

Appearance attracts, character sticks.


Enjoy the moment before it becomes a memory.

Of course I go to hell. Even with a VIP wristband and a free drink!

Unrealistic plans are my thing!

We are young - that justifies everything!

The wiser one tips over.

We have lost touch with reality! Stay relaxed, she'll find us again!

I have no idea what you mean, but I'm in!

I'm drunk a little highlight!

You danced cool yesterday! Danced? I tried to stand !!

The brain cell that knew this died from alcohol!

I'm awake. I don't want to say more about my current condition.

You can repeat exams, but not parties.

Goodbye level and decency - see you Monday!

Work is not for me, I'm more of the leisure type.

Some go out to party at night, others have wild sex at night. And I charge my phone at night.

The door frame hit with the little toe; Opera Singer Career Considered ...

I think I'm always so tired because so many talents lie dormant in me.

In our time there was "Sex, drugs & rock n roll"replaced today by"Lactose intolerance, veganism & Helene Fischer"


Nobody looks back on their life later and remembers the nights when they slept a lot.

His real status was his humanity.

If life gives you a lemon, ask for salt and tequila.

There are things I don't even talk to myself about.

The cats does not stop to mice.

If you want to go with me, you have to RUN!

Tame birds dream of freedom, wild flies.

Whoever stops getting better has stopped being good.

Never stop because life goes on!

Sometimes we wait so long with certain things as if we still have a second life.

dance! Especially out of line!

If you let go, you have both hands free.

Everything gets more expensive, only the excuses get cheaper.


Should someone look for me: I'm digging my grave ...

Better to risk dropping everything than going twice!

Don't tell me to calm down, it makes me aggressive!

Good girls post everything on Facebook, bad girls avoid leaving evidence.

I know the voices in my head aren't real, but they have amazing ideas!

It just made sense in my head!

My WLAN is now called GIS-Messwagen-7. I look forward to the reaction of my neighbors!

I love listening to someone lie when I know the truth.

I plan conversations that in reality I will never have.

I'm not copying, it's teamwork!

What if I'm on it ... Oh, Oh

I can only guess what I mean by that.

Sleep with the window open today. 333 mosquitoes like this.

I can sing in 3 voices: loud, wrong and with enthusiasm!

Have changed my diet. The chocolates are now to the left of the laptop!

A look at my payroll only allows one conclusion: I've made my job a hobby.

For certain people I go to the end of the world. For others, not even on the phone.

I always think of the best answers after the conversation.

Where others despair, I only begin to get really good!

The combination of early, cold and dark is absolutely not my thing!

I didn't drink alcohol, smoke or have sex for 6 years, but then I started school!

.. and so I ended up with a spoon in front of the Nutella glass!

Seeing a spider is not the problem. It doesn't become a problem until suddenly she's gone.

I'm not stupid, the others just don't understand my logic.

I am not born to be as others would like me to be.

I'm not a smartass, I really know better.

By the way, I'm not perfect and I'm not working on it either.

Social network used to be called: Outside

There was a power outage last week. PC went straight off. To do this, I talked to my family for two hours. Seem to be really nice people.

Facebook status messages

God created time, he said nothing of haste (proverb from Finland).

Whoever learns nothing cannot forget anything.

Friends are God's excuse for relatives.

My mother just passed out. It's her own fault if she reads my diary.

You dont grow up, the toys are only getting more expensive.

Come to the dark side - we have cookies.

Growing up - I do a lot, but not everything.

Everyone has to believe in something - I think I'll have another drink.

Each of us is art - marked by life.

Blood group: VODKA positive

I think my hamster is polishing!

Whoever inhales has to exhale, whoever falls asleep has to sleep in.

I say what I think so that I can hear what I know.

Stop the world, I want to exit.

Only when you stumble do you pay attention to the path.

It is better to go out conceited than to go out educated.

I think I'll give up everything and become a princess.

What should I do with the prince? I take the horse!

I'm not perfect but close!

Why go on foot, have four healthy tires!

I'm not disappointed, I'm shocked that I was so wrong.

Whoever stands in front of you is really behind you.

I will not fight for my friends. I will win for you.

Vanity is the art of being proud of your own stupidity!

Crazy? I? No ... the voices would have told me that!

I wish it was yesterday and I had the mind of today.

Roll up the carpet again - I'm not coming!

I'd rather be rich than sexy, but ... what can you do ?!

Even if the journey is the goal ... at some point it would be nice to arrive.

I like: Oh please! My life like this: Nope!

Calories are small animals that sew clothes tighter at night.

Maybe sometimes we should just do what makes us happy and not what might be best!

I know a lot of stupid people, but someone always breaks the high score.

Looking for a new guardian angel - mine is at the end of my nerve!



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