How to use depilatory hot wax

How to wax the armpit at home

Waxing your armpits is not the same as waxing your legs or arms. Underarms are super sensitive areas and even the bravest of us will cringe at the thought of waxing our armpits. But you can make the process a lot less painful by following these instructions for DIY armpit waxing.

Increasing Versus Shaving

If you`re used to shaving armpits and don`t see why you should convert them to waxing, well let me just say that the feel of a shaved armpit and waxed armpit are completely different. When you shave your armpits you also run the risk of roughening your skin and armpit hairs. Ever noticed how your hair grows back rough and thick after you shave it?

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In contrast, growing under the arm will make the armpit super smooth and discourage hair growth over a period of time. What is a depilatory cream you ask to use? You can, but make sure that the cream doesn't irritate your skin. There is also a very high chance that the shaving and hair removal creams will darken the area, making your armpits look dark and discolored.

So are you convinced that armpit waxing is the way to go? Then read on to learn more about how to make the experience less painful.

How to wax your armpits at home

Before you start the process, check to see if the hair under your arm is long enough to be caught and pulled out by the wax. If your hair is too short, the wax won't do a neat job. Also, if your hair is too long you might want to trim it a little easier and grow it less painfully.

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How to wax at home?

Please note that you need to use the correct hot wax for these and not the wax strips. If you don't have wax, you can make your own by heating two cups of sugar with ΒΌ cup of water and lemon juice. Leave this heat on until it becomes sticky. Let the wax cool a little and take something microwavable in a bowl. This way you can warm up your wax if it gets too cold.

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  1. Wipe your armpit with a clean cloth and dab some talcum powder on the area.
  2. Keep a couple of baby wipes or makeup wipes to practically wipe out any excess wax / spillage.
  3. Check the temperature of the wax to make sure it`s neither too hot nor too cold.
  4. Extend your arms above your head to tighten the skin.
  5. Apply the wax with a spatula or butter knife being used in the direction of hair growth.
  6. Apply the wax strips to the wax and press down.
  7. Pulling quickly in the opposite direction on hair growth.
  8. Check for any stray hairs and repeat the process to get rid of them.
  9. Apply coconut or baby oil on the area to soothe the skin and remove excess wax.


Refrain from using any deodorant or body spray on your armpits for at least 48 hours after waxing. The harsh products could irritate and cause the skin to break out into angry bumps. If you are bump prone and boiling after waxing, try to take a cold shower immediately after waxing and then soothe the aggravated area with aloe vera gel or calamine lotion.

Under Arm Waxing Tips: If you find that waxing is still too painful, you may want to consider some pain relievers to solve the problem. Take the pain reliever an hour or so before waxing to allow enough time for the effects to kick in. Follow this after waxing underarms to have a smooth and painless underarm waxing session.

Benefits of Armpit Waxing

Now that you know how to do underarm waxing, below are some of the underarm waxing benefits. These benefits will answer your question - is armpit waxing safe.

  1. You don`t go for armpit waxing every week since the regrowth time varies from two to eight weeks. But if you opt for shaving your armpit, you will see the regrowth for yourself within a few days.
  2. When you shave your armpits, there will be shady spots because you won`t be able to get a close shave. But one of the armpit waxing benefits is that you don't have this problem.
  3. While shaving, you can often end up with razor marks and burns. But if you go for armpit waxing, you won't have any such problems.

Hope this article on how to wax your armpits at home is useful.