How to check hardware raid in HP-UX


Name of toolversionLicenseNotes/ BIOS! BIOS3.20Freeware   BIOS1.35.0Freeware Website says V1.35.1, but program displays V1.35.0.CMOSPWD5.0GPL   KEYDiskn / AFreeware   PC CMOS Cleaner2.0Freeware Included as module in Parted Magic.Q&D Vital Data Manager1.4hFreeware   WipeCMOS1.2Freeware   / CPUCPU stress2.5.4Freeware   CPUburn1.4aGPL Included in CPUstress.CPU burn-in1.00Freeware Included in CPUstress. The Linux version which is included in UBCD is at V1.00. V1.01 applies to Windows only.CPUinfon / AGPL Included in CPUstress.CPUID2.19GPL   Intel Optimized LINPACK Benchmark11.2.0Freeware Included in CPUstress.Intel Processor Frequency ID (P3 and below)7.2Freeware   Intel Processor Identification Utility (P4 and above)5.30Freeware   Mersenne Prime Test23.9.2Free software Included in CPUstress.Mersenne Prime Test28.5Free software Included in CPUstress.stress1.04GPL Included in CPUstress.StressCPU (requires CPU with SSE)2.0GPL Included in CPUstress.System stability tester1.5.1GPL Included in CPUstress.x86test0.10aGPL   / HDD / Boot ManagementBOOTMGR05-AUG-2012Freeware   Boot partition2.60Freeware   EditBINI1.01.1Freeware   GAG (Graphical Boot Manager)4.10GPL   Gujin2.8.7GPL   MBRtool2.3.200Freeware   MBRWork1.08Freeware   PLoP Boot Manager5.0.15Free for personal use   Smart BootManager3.7.1GPL   SPFDISK (Special FDISK)2000-03vFreeware   Great grub disk0.9799GPL   Great Grub2 Disk2.00s8GPL   XFDISK (Extended FDISK)0.9.3 betaFreeware   XOSL (Extended Operating System Loader)1.1.5GPL   XOSL-OW (Extended Operating System Loader)1.1.6GPL   / HDD / Data RecoveryQ&D Unit / Track / Head / Sector1.3jFreeware   Offline NT Password & Registry Editor140201 n / A   PCLoginNow2.0Freeware Included as module in Parted Magic.PCRegEdit1.0Freeware Included as module in Parted Magic.PhotoRec7.1GPL Included in Parted Magic.TestDisk7.1GPL Included in Parted Magic./ HDD / Device Info and ManagementAMSET (Maxtor)4.00Freeware   ATAINF1.3Freeware   ATA Password Tool1.1Freeware   Change Definition Utility (for Fujitsu M16xx / M2915 HDDs)n / AFreeware   DiskCheck4.3.0Freeware   DISKINFO1.02Freeware   ESFeat (ExcelStor)2.30Freeware   Feature Tool (IBM / Hitachi)2.15Freeware   GSmartControl0.8.6GPL Included in Parted Magic.SMARTUDM2.00Freeware   UATA100 (Seagate)3.06Freeware   UDMA Utility (for Fujitsu MPD / MPE / MPF series HDDs)1.13Freeware   UDMA Utility (for Fujitsu MPG series HDDs)1.17Freeware   Ultra ATA Manager (Western Digital)June, 2003Freeware   WDIDLE3 (Western Digital)1.05Freeware   / HDD / DiagnosisATA Diagnostic Tool (Fujitsu)7.0Freeware   Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS (Western Digital)5.27Freeware   Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS (Western Digital)5.21Freeware Latest V5.22 has the note in version history "Removed missing test tracks check". Since we are uncertain of the impact of this change, the older version has been included just in case.Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS (Western Digital)4.15Freeware V5.x has been reported not to work on some older machines, so V4.15 has been included as a backup.Drive Fitness Test (IBM / Hitachi)4.16Freeware   ES tool (Samsung)3.01vFreeware   ESTest (ExcelStor)4.50Freeware   GWSCAN (gateway)3.15Freeware For IDE hard drives 10GB or smaller.GWSCAN (gateway)5.12Freeware For IDE hard drives larger than 10GB.HDAT25.3Freeware Latest stable release, but with device-level testing disabled.HUTIL (Samsung)1.21Freeware From soeren: "HUTIL 2.00 lacks the possibility to view the SMART values ​​and it appears to be a lot slower than 1.21. It's only needed for the newest Samsung drives, the" older "ones still work with 1.21."HUTIL (Samsung)2.10Freeware   MHDD324.5Freeware Older version included because it supports ATA / SCSI Terminal for scripting, which was removed in the new version.MHDD324.6Freeware   PowerMax (Maxtor / Quantum)4.09Freeware Older version included because this is an uncripppled version that works with non-Maxtor HDDs.PowerMax (Maxtor / Quantum)4.23Freeware   SCSIMax (Maxtor / Quantum)1.21Freeware   SeaTools for DOS (Seagate / Maxtor)2.22Freeware Version included is 2.22 instead of 2.23 at Kaur Kuut's recommendation. Apparently the only feature introduced in V2.23 was "Long Test time out failure for drives that take too long to complete the Long Test", but that prevents large capacity HDDs from completing the long generic test because all modern HDDs time out by default. Seagate subsequently removed this feature in SeaTools for Windows V1.4.0.2, but never did for SeaTools for DOS V2.23.SeaTools for DOS (Seagate / Maxtor)1.12Freeware   SHDIAG (Samsung)1.25Freeware   TAFT (The ATA Forensics Tool)1.2Freeware   ViVARD0.4Freeware The official website is down. Various third party websites claim to have V1.0, but is actually V0.4./ HDD / Disk CloningClonezillan / AGPL Included in Parted Magic.CopyWipe1.14Freeware   EaseUs Disk Copy2.3.1Freeware   g4u2.6BSD   HDClone (Free Edition)7.0.2Freeware   partimage0.6.9GPL Included in Parted Magic.Partition saving4.30Freeware   PC INSPECTOR clone-maxx1.0Freeware Actual version is 0.95 Build 769, but is referred to as 1.0 on the product website.Q&D unit clone1.1rFreeware   / HDD / Disk EditingDisk Editor3.0Freeware   DISKMAN44.2A3Freeware   DiskSpy Free Edition (Personal use only)2.0Freeware   PTS DiskEditor1.04Freeware Excellent information about this tool here ./ HDD / Disk WipingActive @ KillDisk Free Edition4.1.2393Freeware Free edition. Supports "One Pass Zeros" method only. Note that KillDisk V5.x is Windows only.CopyWipe1.14Freeware   Darik's Boot and Nuke2.3.0GPL   Fujitsu Erase Utility1.00Freeware   HDDErase4.0Freeware   HDDErase3.3Freeware Older version included because latest version is reportedly not compatible with Intel SSDs.HDShredder (Free Edition)4.0.1Freeware   MAXLLF (Maxtor)1.1Freeware   PC Disk Eraser5.0Freeware Included in Parted Magic.PC INSPECTOR e-maxx0.95Freeware Actual version is 0.95 Build 775, but is referred to as 1.0 on the product website.SUTIL (Samsung)1.01Freeware   / HDD / InstallationData Lifeguard Tools (Western Digital)11.2Freeware   DiscWizard 2003 (Seagate)10.45.06Freeware   DiscWizard (Seagate / Maxtor)11.0.8326Freeware MaxBlast V5.0 is essentially the same thing i.e. OEM version of Acronis TrueImage. Startup Recovery Manager not included. Didn't see much use for it on the bootable CD, plus it can be activated in the Win32 program itself if required, or you can copy over the "Recovery Manager" folder youself.Disk Manager (IBM)9.61Freeware   Disk Manager (Samsung)10.42Freeware   MaxBlast (Maxtor)4.0Freeware   / HDD / Partition ManagementCute Partition Manager0.9.8Freeware   Dsrfix3.12Freeware   FIPS2.0GPL   Free FDISK1.3.1GPL   GParted0.13.1-gitGPL Included in Parted Magic.Part info1.14Freeware V1.11 and above are Windows only.Partition Explorer1.01Freeware   Partition Resizer1.3.4Freeware   Partition saving4.30Freeware   PTDD Super Fdisk1.0Freeware   Ranish Partition Manager2.40Freeware Using stable version because V2.44 is beta and reported to be buggy.SPFDISK (Special FDISK)2000-03vFreeware   XFDISK (Extended FDISK)0.9.3 betaFreeware   / MemoryAleGr MEMTEST2.00Free for personal use   DIMM_ID3.57UBCD Only This is a special UBCD-only version authorized by the author.Memtest864.3.7GPL As of UBCD V5.2.8, V5.0.0 Free Edition extracts to V4.3.7.Memtest86 +5.01GPL   TestMemIVn / AFreeware   Windows Memory Diagnostic0.4Freeware   / (BKO)n / AFreeware   ClamScan Antivirus0.97.5GPL Included in Parted Magic.FileLink3.01Freeware This program is part of Caldera OpenDOS V7.03.F-PROT Antivirus6.2.3Free for personal use Included as module in Parted Magic.Kon-boat1.0Free for personal use   netboot.xyzn / AFreeware   Parted Magic2013_08_10_i586GPL Full list of programs can be found here. Parted Magic is now payware and can no longer be updated to the latest version. Last free version (2013_08_10) was obtained from this websiteUBCD FreeDOS (Based on NwDsk V3.40)R1.53 n / A Based on NwDsk V3.40./ PeripheralsATAPI CDROM Identification2.22Freeware   CHZ monitor test2.0Freeware   Parallel Port Information System1.45Freeware   Video memory stress test1.7GPL   Enhanced Keyboard Checkern / AFreeware   AT keyboard testern / AFreeware   /SystemAIDA162.14 n / A DiscontinuedASTRA (demo version)6.5014-day demo   Hardware detection tool0.5.2GPL pci.ids.gz: 02/20/2013HWiNFO5.5.5Freeware   NSSI0.60.45Freeware   PC config9.33Freeware DiscontinuedPCI1.1Freeware pcidevs.txt: Ver 671 (22-01-2008)PCISniffer3.0.0Freeware   System Speed ​​Test 324.78Freeware