Sweet onion juice when cutting

Onion juice: effect and preparation at a glance

Onion juice contains the valuable ingredients of the onion, which incidentally was Medicinal Plant of the Year 2015. The well-known home remedy is often used for coughing. However, the onion has far more beneficial effects on the body and health.

Onion juice: what's in it and how do the ingredients work?

Everyone knows one effect of onions: they bring tears to our eyes when we cut them.

  • Responsible for this is the ingredient alliin, which, when exposed to moisture, converts certain enzymes into leek oils that activate our tear glands.
  • Allin is just one of the sulfur-containing amino acids in onions. These amino acids also protect against vascular calcification, keep blood pressure in the normal range and ensure good blood lipid values.
  • In addition, these ingredients have an antibacterial effect.
  • The positive effect of the medicinal plant on respiratory diseases such as bronchitis - onion juice is a tried and tested home remedy for coughs - and bronchial asthma has long been known.
  • Here too, the sulfur-containing amino acids play a major role. They have an antiallergic effect and can thus prevent the narrowing of the bronchi as an allergic reaction.

Making juice from onions - it's that easy

The preparation of onion juice is very easy.

  • First dice a peeled onion very finely and boil the onion in water.
  • For something sweet, add a little honey or sugar. If you use honey for sweetening, you will also benefit from its healthy effects.
  • Now you have to let the juice steep a little before filtering it through a fine sieve.
  • To treat coughs naturally, consume a tablespoon of onion juice several times a day.
  • You can store onion juice in a clean, sealable bottle in the refrigerator for a few days.

Onion is healthy, but the smell is not for everyone. That is why in the next article we will show you what you can do against the onion or garlic odor on your hands.