How loud is 39 decibel sound

How loud are about 38 decibels?


i found a table on the internet that compares the volume of many graphics cards. the lowest value is around 50 db and the highest around 80. the graphics card i want to get (xfx r9 280x) loves about 55-60 db under load. According to a decibel comparison table, 60 decibels are roughly a normal conversation from a meter away. that sounds pretty loud if you imagine that someone is constantly talking to you from the side while playing ... but compared to the other cards (70-80 db) 55-60 are still quite quiet. Mindfactory also often says about this card that it is very quiet, others say it is quite okay in terms of volume and "professional" and detailed tests say that it is clearly too loud ... why is it that people think so diverge far? have all the badly rated people got a defective card?

well to my actual question .... my pc would then be about a meter away from me on my table. are 50-60 decibels very loud then? and to solve the problem: according to the test, the card is about 60 degrees celsius under load. could I save a lot of decibels if I just turn the fan speed down?

Thanks for the answers